Day Care and Child Support

In the process of determining a fair child support amount, the court will consider several factors. Aside from the income levels of each parent and the number of children being supported, the court will also consider which parent is covering the expense of additional costs involved with the care of the child.

One of the most significant expenses when both parents work is day care. Under Missouri law, the parent who pays the day care expenses can receive a credit against the amount of child support he or she will be required to pay. Be sure that you seek the advice of a Missouri or Illinois day care and child support attorney who can help to ensure that an accurate calculation is made.

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The guidelines used for calculating child support can be very difficult to understand for people who are not familiar with them. When you hire our firm, we will walk you through each guideline to ensure that accurate information is provided. Once a final calculation has been made, we will present the strongest possible case to support our findings.

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