Custody Issues for Non-Married Parents

There is perhaps no more contentious area of Missouri and Illinois than child custody. When custody and child support issues involve non-married couples, the situation is often murky to most people, leaving parties on both sides frustrated and confused about how to resolve the issue fairly and in the child's best interests.

Work to Resolve Tough Child Custody Issues Without Costly Litigation

In most cases involving non-married parents and custody, there is usually a middle ground that can be reached through skillful, resourceful negotiations. When it comes to custody matters, judges expect parties to do everything possible to alleviate animosity and work toward a reasonable solution. Stange Law Firm, PC, has earned respect among legal and social service professionals, and judges know that I put the child's welfare first. If your case turns out to be contested, Stange Law Firm, PC, can help you as well.

If you are an unmarried parent involved in a child custody dispute, Stange Law Firm, PC is ready to help. We provide advocacy for clients involved in all types of custody matters, including:

  • Paternity and father's rights issues
  • Child support issues for non-married parents
  • Parenting schedules and enforcement
  • Contempt and enforcement

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