Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Divorce proceedings do not have to be contentious court battles where one party is typically declared the "winner" and the other party the "loser." An alternative to traditional divorce litigation is collaborative divorce. There are many benefits of collaborative divorce, including the ability to help control and reach an agreement on your most important issues.

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The Advantages of Reaching a Divorce Agreement Collaboratively

Given the adversarial nature of our legal system, traditional divorce proceedings can often leave both parties feeling emotionally bruised. In addition, court proceedings are considered to be matters of public record, which means potentially embarrassing and hurtful accusations will be available for all to see.

The collaborative process is private and confidential. It provides you with the opportunity to work with your ex-spouse on an agreement at your own pace and to help reach a settlement that you can both live with. If children are involved, a collaborative divorce approach can also help shield them from contentious court testimony. Perhaps most importantly, studies have shown that couples who go through the collaborative process are more satisfied with the results than those who have chosen the traditional litigation path.

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