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In many divorces, couples take matters to court to seek resolution. Each side has a lawyer. With each day, the fighting continues. The lawyers spend more time on the case, and the stress continues to rise for the parties.  In many cases, the animosity increases.  And the parties ultimately end up putting their future, and that of their children, in the hands of a judge.

In many instances, there are alternatives for people to consider, including collaborative divorce.

Troy, Missouri Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Available to Assist

Many couples are increasingly turning to collaborative divorce when their marriages end. In collaborative divorce, each spouse hires a trained collaborative lawyer. Spouses sit down with their lawyers and talk through matters. Often, they bring in additional professionals who can lend their perspectives. These include divorce coaches, financial neutrals and psychologists.

If issues cannot be resolved through collaboration and if the spouses wish to go to court, the current attorneys must withdraw from the case.  New trial attorneys must then be hired before the matter can be taken to trial.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, founding partners Kirk and Paola Stange along with partners Kelly and John are trained collaborative divorce lawyers who are members of the Missouri Collaborative Institute. Jillian Wood is a member of the South Central Illinois Collaborative Family Law Association. If you want to pursue a collaborative divorce, contact us today.  You can also visit our webpage on collaborative divorce titled: Collaborative Divorce Representation.

The Advantages of Collaborative Divorce: Why it Can Work

Our clients often find that, by sitting down and resolving issues, they can reduce the cost of divorce as well as the impact on the children involved. Collaborative divorce also gives them more control over critical issues.  It is also more private and avoids potentially embarrassing pleadings or motions being in a court file.  Further, instead of waiting for a judge's decisions, they can make those decisions for themselves.

Collaborative divorce only works when the parties are willing to talk.  The parties attempt to resolve their situation by sitting across the table with their attorney present with them.  At Stange Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to straightforward representation in collaborative divorce that works to our clients' advantage.

We also use mediation techniques as well as other alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve matters quickly and effectively for our clients. These practical solutions save families money and reduce the stress that a divorce can bring on a family.

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You can read more about collaborative divorce in the article titled: Collaborative Divorce: An Alternative to Adversarial Court Proceedings.

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