Implementation Of Adoptee’s Rights Act In Missouri

It's easier than ever for people who were adopted in Missouri to obtain information on their origins. This is a change from much of the past, when it was often very difficult for an adopted person to locate any information about their birth parents.

Why do people seek such information out to begin with? For some, it's to gain an understanding of their history or to meet their birth parent(s). For many, it's about knowing their health history. This can be crucial in order to take preventive measures and to help doctors identify the best treatment options for various ailments and illnesses.

Many would argue that the indivdiduals who put their children up for adoption should have the right to remain unknown. Unless they desire to be known, many do not believe their identity to be revealved.

On the other hand, many want to know their genetic history for other reasons such as genetics. As it relates to their health, many want to know the health history of family members. By having this information, they can often help protect their health and that of their children.

Nonetheless, in 2016, the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act was signed by Governor Jeremiah Nixon. The Act allows individuals over the age of 18 to request their birth certificates. As of August 2017 those born prior to 1941 could request their certificates. Beginning January 2, 2018, adoptees born after 1941 were also able to request their birth certificates.

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