Logic and emotions in a divorce case

When entering a divorce, there are two emotions that come into play: logic versus emotion.

When a family law case begins, there are so many emotions that the parties are experiencing. Their whole life is changing. To some individuals, they may never have seen this coming. To others, it may as well have been a long time coming. No matter what situation, it doesn't change the dynamics.

Change causes people to feel a range of emotions, like: stress, anxiety, anguish, and sadness. Some individuals may feel the whole range of emotions, while some may only be stuck on one.

It is extremely important for a party to deal with all these emotions. Seeing a counselor or other mental health professional during a divorce can help. No one should be ashamed about seeking help in a difficult time in their life. Rather a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.

Ultimately, dealing with the emotions early in the process can help lead a party to a logical place. Logic allows people to make rational decisions. Ultimately, this can help a party make the correct decisions in terms of deciding what settlement terms might be advantageous, whether to settle or go trial and/or deciding whether mediation or collaborative law make sense.

To get to the logical place, it is important to try and work through all the emotions that you're experiencing. Coping with the emotions the best way as possible, recognizing their existence, is really critical for most parties.