One Answer to the War on Poverty... Marriage

Sometimes old ideas are the best ideas says Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Kathleen Parker. In an article, "To defeat poverty, look to marriage" she contends that the "luck factor" demands attention when assessing the success and failures of the War on Poverty initiated some 50 years ago by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

When it comes to the fortunes and misfortunes of people, things such as natural gifts of appearance, athleticism, intelligence, musical talent, etc. play a role. Added to the mix is that the really lucky ones are born into stable, educated families with financial security. Then, those who are unlucky, no matter what their relative talents, are born into broken families living in low-income neighborhoods with inferior educational opportunities.

Being unmarried is one of the highest risk factors for poverty. Marriage remains the best arrangement for children and a two-income producing family is good for the grown-ups and children alike. Splitting expenses between unmarried people isn't the same, because the tiny economy of emotional commitment between partners weathers the good and bad times.

We live in a society that for many different reasons devalues the institution of marriage, but rebuilding a culture that encourages marriage as a part of the strategy in the fight on the War on Poverty should be encouraged. According to James Rosen, Fox News, consequences on family structures, earnings potential and government spending have played out since the 1960's. In 1964, only 11 percent of American families with children were headed by a single parent. By 2012, that figure rose to 35 percent.

Marriage will not cure all ills, but it's a step in modifying the "luck of the draw" phenomenon in fighting the War on Poverty-sometimes the old becomes new.

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