One mom copes with divorce by writing simple hashtags

Just hours after she and her husband's decision to separate, Denise Albert sat down at the computer and started to write about her divorce. Albert is an entrepreneur and mother of two. She co-founded the business As a journalist and television producer, she shares the small joys that have made a huge difference in her life since the separation a few years back.

Her first piece, Divorce Diaries is a blog series that basically shows other parents that it is possible to have a civil divorce for the sake of the kids.

But what really helped her move on are the hashtags or key words that describe her likes and feelings. She came up with her own like --#fulltimeworkingstayathomemom is one of them, because that is what she is. She likes to live exactly the way she wants to, as a full-time worker and a full-time mom. Another one is #TravelingTrio because nothing makes her happier than traveling with her two boys.

Just the process of jotting down pithy words can be cathartic, as long as they are appropriate and not directed at your ex in a negative way. Search inward: maybe you have some hashtags of your own.

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