Sesame Street is teaching our kids the ABC’s of life regarding divorce

Sesame Street taught our kids the ABCs and the 3Rs, commonly referred to as reading, writing and arithmetic-the foundations of a basic skills-orientated educational program. Now, it is helping children transition in life through the divorce process.

Sesame Street's online tool kit, Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce, is a resource for kids to express their emotions in talking with their parents about divorce in a very personal and healing way. The site includes songs, a storybook, and videos plus tools for parents to utilize. It's a happy place that brings joy and wipes the tears.

In addition, Sesame Street has released mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. These apps provide a way for children to convey their feelings through actions, including drawings.

There is no substitute for loving and understanding parents that put the interests of their children first: before, during and after divorce. Tools that promote the feeling of normality during times of emotional stress that may come with divorce can help. After all, wasn't Sesame Street helpful in teaching our kids the academic basics a few years ago?

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