Support for Children with Special Needs

When you are going through a divorce with children, there are always concerns about the children being well-taken care of as well as the financial aspects for the parents. This can become even more concerning if you have a child that is mentally or physically disabled and needs extra support, emotionally, physically and financially. If this is the case, the child support case becomes more complex because of the more serious costs associated with a disabled child.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we can handle all of the complex details that may come when dealing with child support for a special needs child. It is our goal to keep the child's best interest in mind through any case involving children.

Determining Child Support for Special Needs Children

Determining appropriate child support for children with any disability, such as autism, chronic illnesses or learning disabilities can be a challenging. This becomes more complex because you are trying to determine the additional add-ons that come with taking care of the disabled child, as well as making sure you are still giving the child the best quality of life, emotionally and financially. In some cases, available financial resources may be severely stretched with the establishment of separate households, which can create even more complexity in the case.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we understand that there are many complex considerations when handling custody and child support cases for special needs children, including:

  • The custodial parent facing extra child care expenses, sometimes made more challenging in the parent if unable to work full-time while caring for the child.
  • The need for open communications and need to collaborate on important issues regarding your child's needs.
  • Possible justification for a child support order that extends beyond the age of emancipation.

If you would like to learn more about support for children with special needs during a divorce, please read our article titled: Tips on Handling Divorce With the Special Needs Child.

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