Creating a Parenting Plan

Since 1998, the state of Missouri has required parents to submit proposed parenting plans to the courts whenever they file documents related to child custody or visitation. This parenting plan can be challenging to parents — especially when they disagree on visitation or have other circumstances that affect their decisions. In other locations, these may be referred to as a custody orders or schedules.

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Creating a Parenting Plan

Parenting plans are designed to help parents who are not living together — either because of a divorce or because they were never married — create a stable and healthy environment for their children by arranging regular visitation with both parents.

Parenting plans should consider the best interests of the child above all else and must include specific information that is relevant to your case:

If both parents have reached an agreement on custody and visitation, and have created a parenting plan that they agree on, your case will probably be a lot easier. But you should know that informal agreements are not enforceable until a judge signs a judgment ratifying that agreement. This means that either party can choose to renege on any informal agreement not court approved. This is why it is crucial to formalize these agreements with the signature of a judge. At Stange Law Firm, PC, we can help.

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