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Assisting Unmarried Parents With Child Custody, DNA Testing, Paternity and Child Support in Jackson County And The Surrounding Areas

Stange Law Firm, PC is here to help you understand your rights and answer any questions that you may have when you have a child (or children) out of wedlock. The process of how to handle this properly and legally can raise a lot of questions. We are here to assist in answering any questions about your child's case in Lee's Summit, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

We represent unmarried parents in a variety of cases, including:

Lee's Summit, Missouri Paternity Attorneys in Jackson County

We offer you attorneys that have been recognized and awarded for their sole and steady practice in family law. To read more about these awards and these attorneys, you can visit their individual biographies on our website.

When you are going through a paternity case, you need an attorney with experience in all aspects of those types of cases, including; custody, visitation, and support matters. In some cases, a DNA test might be necessary where paternity is in doubt. Stange Law Firm, PC can help you and will be there to understand your wants and needs as an unmarried parent. We will fight for you, because we are dedicated to get you the outcome that you deserve.

Missouri law in regards to child custody cases, bases their determination on the "best interest of the child". This is why our experienced attorneys will use the facts of your case in regards to Missouri law to help you in the following areas:

  • Representing parents in child support hearings to determine financial arrangements for the children.
  • Unmarried fathers and mothers who want custody and parenting time with their children.

You can also read articles about family law, view informational videos and seminar videos, listen to our podcast, download our mobile application, or view support calculator Missouri on our website.

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