Hague Convention

International Child Abduction and Your Rights

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is a treaty that provides a universal process for the return of a child who has been abducted and taken to another country. More than 80 countries have ratified the Hague Abduction Convention.

The Hague Convention does not address any of the legal issues directly related to the custody dispute. It is only concerned with returning the child to his or her country of habitual residence. Even if the parent can prove that the abduction has contributed to the child's safety, the Convention will leave those issues to be addressed by the local court.

Committed to Reuniting You With Your Child

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we help people across Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma to resolve even the most complex child custody issues. We understand how overwhelming it can be when your child has been taken to another country and the other parent has no intention of bringing the child back. You can count on our lawyers to be there with you at every step, constantly working to protect your parental rights.

The law is clear with regard to the requirements of The Hague Convention, and parental responsibility for obeying its terms is a matter of international law. In cases like these, our only concern is to get your child back to you safe and sound. We understand the unique requirements and processes involved with the Hague Convention, and we know what it takes to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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