Can I Get Divorce Forms?

There are many places out there that advertise about selling divorce paperwork for a low fee that seems less than what it would be to hire an attorney. This gives people hope that they can fill out the online divorce paperwork and finish their divorce, amicably and inexpensively. However, what people don't understand, is that there are specific legal requirements that have to be met for parties to get divorced. Because of this, hiring an attorney to handle a divorce is a lot easier than finding and completing paperwork.

Some of these legal requirements include: residency requirements, separation requirements and/or waiting periods. These legal requirements vary by state, but parties usually have to also file financial statements regarding income, assets and debt. Pleadings also have to be completed correctly.

If children are involved, the parties have to come up with a parenting plan or a custody schedule that determines how custody will work for the short and the long term. Child support and spousal support also become an issue for parties and there are complex factors that vary from case to case.

Even if the parties are able to accurately complete the divorce paperwork, they would have to agree on everything, including: property and debt, children, spousal and child support and attorney's fees. One issue can literally hang up settlement. Even if the parties did agree on everything, a court appearance is usually necessary in order to complete the divorce in many jurisdictions. Going into a court appearance without an attorney can be intimidating. There are some jurisdictions where an appearance may not be necessary, but that is not always the case.

There is also settlement paperwork that needs to be completed. It is critical that this is also completed with one-hundred percent accuracy. Otherwise, disagreements and other problems might show up down the road and would cost parties more to resolve it. This is more likely to happen if parties don't have an attorney.

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Divorce paperwork can also vary by state and county. So, divorce forms from one state or county might not be applicable in other state or county. Even some judges have particular items they want in divorce paperwork that might vary from another judge in the same state or county.

While most people might wish that they can get divorced through online forms, the process is much more complicated. Parties should also be aware of the fact that they are paying hundreds of dollars (or more) on paperwork that was simply run through a copy machine. Think about it: Why should somebody make money just by giving you blank forms?

If parties are actually intending on representing themselves in a divorce, court-approved documents can be found online. However, even if you want to get the documents online, it is smart to have legal representation. Attorneys can help walk you through the process and ensure that everything gets completed accurately and thoroughly.

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