False Allegations of Cheating

Falsely Accused of Cheating in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Oklahoma?

There are many things that can cause a divorce, one of them being accusations of cheating. When cheating in brought up in the conversation surrounding one's marriage, it can cause a turmoil in the pair that sometimes cannot be fixed. Are these accusations even correct? Why is one individual in the marriage accusing the other individual in the marriage of cheating?

Sometimes the accusation of cheating is being brought up because of the accuser is using it to their advantage. The accuser could potentially be looking to file a divorce, and this could be used as an excuse to do so. Another scenario may be that the accuser has already filed for divorce, and is wanting to have the court on their side. Lastly, another potential scenario could be that the accuser may be jealous of a new budding friendship between their partner and another individual. Jealously can be a key factor in insecurities in a marriage.

But What if You're Not Cheating?

Inherently, these could all be potential reasons as to why an individual could be accusing their spouse of cheating. If you want to fix the marriage, counseling is usually the best bet for married couples who have insecurities about their marriage. Seeing a marriage counselor to discuss matters in the marriage can help lift the separating barrier between the two. Or, if not both individuals would like to see a counselor, an individual counsel may also help resolve the issues. A therapist may be able to assist in finding out what's hindering the accuser and their insecurities when it comes to trusting their partner.

Sadly, sometimes it is too late to save the marriage and meeting with a divorce attorney in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield and elsewhere in the Midwest has become your best bet. Providing evidence on false allegations of cheating will help you the most throughout the divorce process. Evidence can be the lack there of suspicious phone calls, emails, and social media that was reported by the opposing party.

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