High-Profile/Celebrity Divorce

Oftentimes, there are a distinctive set of circumstances and obstacles that can surround the entertainers, politicians, athletes, actors and other high net worth individuals. During a difficult time, the client's privacy is intruded in sometimes unconscionable ways.

We can request that the court limit the public's access to the client's file, as well as work with publicists and other agents to minimize media scrutiny on the celebrity and his or her family members' lives. In high-profile cases, it is advisable to seek the help from a thoroughly competent and experienced celebrity family law attorney to give you the appropriate advice at every stage in the process.

The high-profile client usually has a unique set of circumstances surrounding his or her case that must be handled with experience and intelligence. For actors, entertainers and athletes, their schedules may not allow them to have a "cookie-cutter" divorce with the usual parenting time agreement.

We can craft agreements or litigate to obtain a fair parenting plan that can accommodate our clients' hectic lifestyles, without compromising their relationships with their children. Our lawyers work with the utmost discretion and can help you in handling your high profile case.

Complex Property Division in Divorce

Stange Law Firm, PC, can assist you in handling your high-asset, complex and difficult divorce cases. We watch the financial side of your marital estate with a keen eye towards the achievement of an equitable division of assets and marital property, including real estate, investment accounts, deferred income and pensions.

Our goal in your case will be to help you achieve the solution that enables you to move forward with your life from the strongest financial position possible.

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