Protecting Your Children In Divorce

Do Not Engage In Online Character Assassination

Social media has changed the way we communicate for the better, but it should be off limits when discussing your divorce. Our attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC, know that it's tempting to go online and air your grievances against your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You might think revenge is best served by posting embarrassing details and pictures. These actions are damaging, however, and expose your children to the hostilities surrounding your separation.

Social Media Posts Can Harm

It is important for the divorce process to be as painless for your children as possible. Going on the offensive online is detrimental to them for many reasons. Consider this:

  • Anything posted online is public: Even if your children don't have social media accounts, their friends might, and they could access your comments that way. It is also possible that children will hear others talking about the posts.
  • Children feel they have to choose a side: Simply put, posts by one parent against the other place children in a position where they feel as if they have to choose sides. This can also make children reluctant to spend time with the other parent, which is not in your children's best interests.
  • Potential alienating behavior: Judges do not take kindly to one parent pitting the children against the other parent, and they might view your online activity as doing just that. This can have a serious impact in custody decisions.

Overall, posting negative comments or images about the other parent will only cause pain to your children. Our attorneys believe in a smart and holistic approach to your divorce, with intelligent decisions and strong preparation implemented from the beginning.

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