How Do I Move On After A Divorce?

Trying To Move Forward After A Divorce

Recovering from a divorce is a difficult experience for most who go through it. Most people experience a range of emotions when going through a divorce. The emotion can range from shock, denial, anger, ambivalence, depression, and recovery.

For many, it's importance to recognize that these emotions can come into play and parties often experience them at some point. Family therapists generally surmise that it can take a long time to fully move past the divorce. Some research shows it can take years to fully recover.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we believe that clients understanding the emotions one might experience is important for individuals going through a divorce. It is critical that individuals give themselves the time they need to move forward productively in their life.

We can help get you to a therapist or family counselor if you are having a difficult time in a divorce. In some cases, we can even get you to a divorce coach who can help you work through the stages of grief that you might experience after a divorce.

We also believe that clients need access to their attorney through this difficult time.  This is why we return all phone calls left before 5 pm the same business day and give clients 24/7 access to their file online.

To find out more object divorce coaches, you can listen to our podcast titled: The Role of Divorce Coaches.

Why It Helps To Speak To A Divorce Attorney in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Oklahoma

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