The Importance of Depositions

Deposition, Better Known as the "Discovery Process"

Most individuals when going through a divorce, paternity matter, high asset divorce, or any related family law matter, they would prefer to not go to trial. Trial can drain an individual's emotions, bank account, finances, and many other things.

In some cases, some parties just cannot come to an agreement. Some of these disagreements range from who gets the children on what day, how the debts and property are going to be split, who gets what, and so on. Even between settlement offers and mediation, sometimes the parties still cannot come to the conclusion and agreement of what's fair and right for each individual party.

How Can Depositions Help?

This is where a deposition can be the key factor to helping the parties reach an agreement. Depositions are not done within in a courtroom, but rather at an attorney's office, making it more comfortable for the parties to discuss their issues. Ultimately, what a deposition does is help decipher as to why the case has not already been settled. In a deposition, the opposing parties attorney can ask the other party under oath where they are in terms of settlement and have them elaborate on why they believe the settlement offers they have received are not reasonable enough.

Doing this can also help each party understand one another's side. Depositions can even help individuals reach an agreement because they are now able to see each other's side of the story when it comes to their demands and wants.

This is not always the case, but depositions can also help in figuring out the bigger issues and bringing them to light during the trial. This can result in a trial running more efficiently for both parties during their legal battle.

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