Who Gets the Rings?

Exchange of the Rings

Before any marriage, there is the sentimental moment of the exchange of the engagement rings. Then onto the wedding, there is the additional exchange of the wedding bands. These pieces of jewelry are a token of the love that the individuals have for one another. The rings are also a physical piece of evidence of the commitment that each person has with one another. But, unfortunately, sometimes the commitment fades and the discussion of a divorce come into play. That brings up the question between the two parties: "Who gets the rings?"

In an instance when a divorce is in process, an individual may feel like they're entitled to the ring that they bought for the other party. The person may feel like they made a life-time investment into this ring; whether it being a financial or an emotional investment. With that being said, each state is different and there is no law dedicated to the division of the rings.

Separate Property

During a divorce, marriage property is to be divided in a certain way when all the factors are considered of the duration of the marriage. In this situation, either the engagement ring or wedding band can be considered "separate property."

So, during a divorce, the individual may demand the return of the rings, but the reality is that doesn't necessarily always take place. One way to receive the rings back during the divorce is if the party agrees to exchange the bands as a part of a divorce resolution.

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