Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage isn't for everyone. However, many couples live together, buy and sell property together, and go about their lives together. If you're in a relationship without any concrete plans for marriage, you might consider a cohabitation agreement negotiated and drafted by an experienced lawyer. To learn more about the ways a cohabitation agreement could benefit and protect both you and your partner, contact our family law attorneys today. We serve clients throughout Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma.

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The following are some of the situations in which it makes sense for unmarried couples to consider a cohabitation agreement to define their rights and responsibilities in the event that the relationship ends:

  • Cohabitation with jointly held assets, including bank accounts
  • Real estate purchased or held in one person's name
  • The couple is engaged in business together
  • One person pays most of the household expenses
  • One person is supporting the other through college or graduate school

While an action in partition might be able to address some of these issues, a cohabitation agreement is often the best path. A cohabitation agreement will be interpreted and enforced according to the standard rules of Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma contract law. Just about any arrangements you choose to make will be valid, provided they reflect the free and informed agreement of the parties and contain no illegal terms.

Unmarried couples, gay or lesbian couples, business partners on intimate terms, and even older couples with prior marriages may want to consider a cohabitation agreement.

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