Fathers' Rights Attorneys in Belleville, IL in St. Clair County

Father's and Men's Rights Attorneys in St. Clair County in Belleville, Illinois

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we are dedicated to ensuring that fathers in Belleville, Illinois, and throughout St. Clair County, have as much time with their children as possible. We want to help fathers and kids to have meaningful contact with each other. We recognize that attitudes are slowly evolving, fathers still face difficult hurdles in Illinois courts. We provide the skilled, passionate representation dads need.

Stange Law Firm, PC has multiple attorneys that are Lead Counsel Rated for Divorce and Family Law, including founding partner, Kirk Stange. Kirk and Paola Stange were also named to Super Lawyers along with multiple partners within the firm. Many other attorneys have received accolades as set forth in their personal biographies.

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Handling a Broad Range of Issues Involving Fathers' Rights in St. Clair County in Belleville, Illinois

Our legal team is dedicated to eliminating the anger and frustration that result from custody cases. We solve a variety of issues for our St. Clair County in Belleville clients, including:

  • Situations where the mother denies visitation rights or interferes with custody arrangements
  • Modifying child custody
  • Demands for increased child support payments
  • Paternity issues, whether you are denying paternity or claiming paternity
  • Accusations of child abuse or molestation
  • Situations where the mother takes your child and relocates without approval
  • Cases where the mother's behavior endangers your child physically or emotionally

New Illinois Child Custody Law

In Illinois, what was referred to as "child custody" is now known to be "allocation of parental responsibilities." Now the Illinois courts can allocate important decision making to both of the parents. This will allow for both parents to be involved when it comes to making decisions for the child. These decision making areas include: health, education, religion, and extracurricular activities.

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