Estranged Children

The difference between an estranged child and an alienated child is that an estranged child has grown apart from the parent for reasons that are reasonable and realistic. In contrast, an alienated child is the victim of one parent's efforts, either conscious or unintentional, to destroy the child's relationship with the other parent.

Estranged children's feelings are justified by their experience of the separation or by their experience of that parent. These children are usually estranged as a result of:

  • Witnessing violence committed by that parent against the other parent
  • Being the victim of abuse themselves
  • The parent's persistently immature and narcissistic behavior
  • The parent's unduly rigid and restrictive parenting style
  • The parent's own psychological or psychiatric issues

The reality is that the child's experiences make the child's rejection of a parent reasonable, and an adaptive and protective response to the parent's behavior. The feelings of alienated children, however, are neither reasonable nor the result of the rejected parent's conduct.

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