False Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence should always be taken seriously. It can dramatically alter a person's life, as well as their families. If you are feeling unsafe in your marriage, there are ways to protect yourself.

Hiring a domestic abuse attorney in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, and beyond can help guide you in the right direction of protecting yourself and your children during a domestic abuse matter. It is your right while in a divorce or separation to feel safe and that you have control of your own life.

What if the Domestic Abuse Allegations Are Lies?

But, on the flip-side, some individuals who are going through a litigated divorce decide to accuse the other party of things that never happened; one of these accusations being domestic violence. During the process of a divorce, it could give the accuser the upper hand if they were to be seen as the victim in a domestic abuse case. Therefore, giving the courts reason to withdrawal the accused party from the home, away from the children, and ultimately isolates them from their family.

The hardest part for the courts is deciphering whether or not the allegations of domestic abuse are true or not. Like stated above, every domestic violence matter should be taken seriously for the sake of an individual's safety and reassurance.

Some ways the courts can figure out if the accusation is true or not is to look at the physical evidence; are their bruises on the other party or the children? Are there drinking problems that have resulted in other issues? Has anything that they physically owned been destroyed? These questions can lead to concrete evidence in deciding whether or not the accusation is true.

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