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The attorneys at Stange Law Firm have extensive experience in handling high-asset, complex and difficult divorce cases. We watch the financial side of your marital estate with a keen eye toward achieving an equitable division of assets and marital property.

Our attorneys focus exclusively on Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma family law, giving us an in-depth perspective on the law. Our Founding Partners and attorneys have received many accolades and awards as set forth in their individual biographies.

The level of experience equips us to handle complex property division issues, including division of real estate, business interests, professional practices, investment accounts, deferred income and pensions. Our goal in your case will be to help you achieve the solution that enables you to move forward with your life from the strongest financial position.

To learn more about our work in the area of high net worth divorce, please follow the links below:

  • Can I afford to get a divorce with a large sum of assets? We frequently hear this question from people who believe that they have too much to lose to divorce. They stay in marriages in which they are unhappy — sometimes for years — when they believe they cannot afford to get a divorce.
  • Hidden assets: Divorces — especially those involving division of closely held small to mid-sized businesses — can sometimes involve hidden assets. When this happens, we have the resources and connections necessary to locate them for proper division.
  • Valuing professional practices and businesses: Valuing a professional practice can be extremely difficult because much of the value is in the individual's contribution, not in merchandise or interests that can be easily divided. If you have questions, we have answers.
  • Pensions, IRAs and 401(k)s: Missouri law significantly affects the division of retirement savings accounts. If many of your assets are in IRAs or 401(k)s, we can talk with you about your options.
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders: QDROs create or recognize the existence of an alternate payee's right to receive all or a portion of the benefits payable under a retirement plan. We can explain what this means for you.
  • Divorce Tax Issues: For some, they can have significant questions and concerns about how getting divorced might effect them from a tax perspective. We can help ensure that clients can get the tax advice they need from tax professionals.
  • Maintaining Lifestyle: Many individuals have spent their entire life working hard in order to maintain a lifestyle that they have sought out. We can help individuals going through divorce ensure that they are put in the best financial position possible after a divorce.
  • Business Owners: Many individuals have spent their whole life trying to create a successful business or they have assisted their spouse build up this interest. It can be stressful when that business interest becomes part of a divorce proceeding. However, we an help ensure that a business interests are fairly evaluated.
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: Prior to entering into a marriage, or after the wedding date, many individuals are interested in putting together a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to ensure that there are not lengthy and contentious divorce proceedings later if the marriage ends in divorce  In these instances, we can help.
  • Farm Divorce: In certain cases, parties going through a divorce may own a family farm.  This can result in the farm itself, equipment, livestock and other valuable assets being put in play in a divorce.  We can help you if this is the case.
  • Vocational Examination: The income producing potential of a husband and wife can be an important issue in a spousal support or child support case. A vocational examination can be useful in many of these cases where the current income of a party does not appropriately reflect what they could make.
  • Real Estate Portfolios: Real estate can be an important issue in divorce cases where the parties own rental property and other valuable real estate. We can work with parties in these types of cases to make sure these assets are property valuated and apportioned.
  • Delayed Compensation: In some situations, a party may be compensated through delayed compensation.  This is an important area that should not be over-looked in a divorce.
  • Overseas Assets: Overseas assets can be significant issue in certain cases. It is vital that you have an attorney who understands how to address this issue.

At Stange Law Firm, PC, we have extensive experience handling cases involving complex property division. When necessary, we can call upon our reliable network of forensic accountants, financial analysts, business valuation specialists and others who can provide testimony in support of our client's case. Our firm will work to protect your assets and your rights at all stages of the divorce process.

Going through a divorce with high assets can be challenging for both parties. We have articles related to high net worth divorces that may help answer some questions you have about the process: High net worth divorces present unique issuesKey considerations for high asset divorce, and Division of accounts should be done carefully during a divorce

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