Business Owners

It's a natural concern when parties are going through a divorce and a business is involved. Your family has a business to support yourself and your family that took years to build up. Now, facing divorce, control of the business and assets, and the income generated from the business, all of a sudden comes into play in divorce proceedings.

Whether you are the main participant in the day-to-day operation of the business and want to protect your business or you are a non-participating spouse who wants to claim your share of the joint assets, our law firm can help.

Dedicated To Serving Divorcing Business Owners

Attorney Kirk Stange and Stange Law Firm, PC, have been fighting on behalf of those with business interests in divorce proceedings for years. We bring experience and knowledge of business valuation issues, asset appreciation and personal property rights to the table when seeking an equitable distribution of marital property.

We work closely with business valuation experts, financial actuary specialists and accounting professionals to investigate your business value and the value your partner brought to your success. We bring well researched facts to settlement negotiations, thoroughly prepared to fight in court to protect our clients' interests, when necessary.

We represent clients involved in complex business asset division involving:

  • Business valuation and protecting professional practices
  • Transmutation of personal assets
  • Business tax concerns
  • Commercial real estate ownership
  • Responsibility for business loans and debt
  • Divorce financial planning

Stange Law Firm, PC, has experience in all family law areas relating to high net worth divorce and property settlements. Hire a skilled lawyer who will advocate boldly on your behalf.

You can also read an article by Kirk C. Stange on business valuations titled: Business Valuation Basics in Divorce.

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