Delayed Compensation

Delayed Compensation Income May Be Marital Property

It is not uncommon for people to receive part of their compensation or severance package in the form of delayed compensation. Such packages can cause problems for both parties in a divorce property settlement. A spouse may argue that delayed compensation was earned for work performed during the course of the marriage. Yet, the receiving spouse may argue that the compensation should be characterized as separate property because it will not be earned income until after the property settlement has been finalized.

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Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma are equitable division states. Any dispute over whether delayed compensation should be considered marital property or separate property is ultimately up to the judge in applying the applicable law. Resolving the dispute is often the key to a property settlement. In some cases, a spouse or the other will find it advantageous to argue that a particular asset is separate property and should not be subject to division.

Divorce property settlements between spouses of high net worth requires skillful knowledge of how courts apply case law decisions to specific property settlements. Stange Law Firm, PC, is able to resolve the most complex issues involving financial property such as delayed compensation income, executive bonuses and investment accounts.

If delayed compensation will be a concern in your pending divorce, make sure you have a lawyer who has experience dealing with this issue.

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