Family Care Plans

Child custody rights after divorce are frequently near and dear to the hearts of military families. Child custody orders are approved by state court judges in divorce, legal separation and paternity cases. Family Care Plans can be helpful in designating already established custody rights. They cannot grant rights to those who have not established their rights, nor can they take away rights.

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If You Are on Active Duty, You Need a Family Care Plan

The Department of Defense (DOD) requires that all single service members and dual-service couples have a Family Care Plan. The plan specifically outlines child custody arrangements in the service member's absence. Our skilled military divorce attorneys can help you understand Family Care Plans and answer any questions you may have. It is important to remember that Family Care Plans do not take rights from the other party — they simply exercise the soldier's rights while they are on active duty. This is why service members should obtain a custody order to fully protect their rights.

Kirk Stange authored a chapter in a book on military divorce through Aspatore Publishing called Strategies for Military Family Law: Leading Lawyers on Navigating Family Law in the Armed Forces . View portions of the chapter by clicking the link above.

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We are honored to provide legal representation to the men and women who serve our country as well as to their children. If you are involved in a military divorce and need assistance with a Family Care Plan, we will do our best to protect your children, your rights and your future.

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