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The Attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC

Since Stange Law Firm, PC was founded, our attorneys continue to work hard for our clients. Many of our attorneys have received numerous awards and honors for their efforts.


Team Leader Attorneys:

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We also have a great support staff to assist you in your case, including:

Rebecca Terry
Director of Administration

Jessica Sliger
Client Care Director

Michael Plotner
Marketing Director

Kurtis Mraz
Services & Facilities Director

Keri Moyers
Client Intake Director

Julie Wagner
Human Resource Director

Kathlyn Topping
Recruiting Director

Other members of our team:

Paralegals and Legal Assistants:

Debra Foley, Mary "Michelle" Sailler, Amanda Berry, Hunter DeLong, Kelly Burke, Callie Stoyias, Elora Danin, Katherine Smith, Lissy Schaefer, Amanda Nowell, Kelsie Gould, Stephanie Beger, Sarah Tomlinson, Cindy Young, Ayesha Murphy, Laura Goodrich, Katherine Woolsey and Brittni Hagemeier.


Sophea Carrico and Trina Clark.

Law Clerks:

Emily Donaldson, Sarah Lynch, Paula Gutierrez, Javairia Khan, Riley Brown and Bradley Baker.

Billing Clerks:

Renee Behymer.

Marketing Assistant:

Kevin Fowler.

Client Care Assistants:

Luam (Lu) Ghirmazion and Elizabeth Davis.

Client Intake Assistant Director:

Megan Eime.

Client Intake Assistants:

Max Mueller, Sheila Salians Rodriguez and Mariajose Ortiz.

Service & Facilities Assistant:

LaRetha Johnson.

Assistant Finance Director:

Richard Harmon.

Recruiting Assistant:

Jeana Lashley.

Human Resource Assistant:

Mallory Long.

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