Complex Compensation Disputes

Helping With Complex Comenation Disputes

In some divorces and family law matters, disputes regarding compensation in the form of stock options, performance pay and bonuses can be real issues that can create challenges for family courts.

Stange Law Firm, PC a Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma family law firm with experience in divorce cases that involve complex contribution disputes.  Our lawyers have experience representing clients in cases that involve stock options, deferred compensation, pensions and 401(k) assets, hidden income and other issues. When necessary, we can employ forensic accountants an other experts where appropriate to help present your case in court.

In all our cases, we strive to achieve a property division, child support or spousal support settlement that is fair and which protects you and your family's rights and assets.

Stock Options in Divorce and Family Law Matters

In many cases, the purpose of a stock option may be difficult for a court to work through in resolving a case. In some cases, it may represent a reward for past performance. In other cases, it might be given as a form of retention bonus. The purpose of the option is vital to identify because it can ultimately help determine whether the characterization is that of separate or marital property.  If it is found to be marital property, it is then subject to equitable division.

The precise value of a stock option may be difficult to determine if the stock is in a startup or closely held corporation. A court has to decide generally when it was received, what the value of it is and whether the spouse deserves a portion of it.

These are not easy questions for family court judge to consider. At Stange Law Firm, we understand the law as it effects deferred compensation. We will analyze your situation and use the facts and the law to boldly represent your interest.

The Dilemmas With Hidden Income

Additional complex compensation disputes can take place when somebody has their own business (and is self-employed) or when there is hidden income. Stange Law Firm, PC can help you in cases involving self-employment and hidden income.

Depending on the case, we may enlist forensic accountants, financial analysts and private investigators for your case.  We can also help in cases where income is being held overseas.

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