Equitable Distribution

Stange Law Firm, PC understands that organizing through property appraisals, financial paperwork, and business valuations is an extremely difficult task while going through a draining divorce. Stange Law Firm, PC and our attorneys can provide the clarity needed when dealing with Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma equitable distribution laws.

In a divorce, there is separate property and there is marital property. The difference between the two all depends on when the property was acquired. Separate property is property that was acquired before the marriage took place, after the separation or monetary gifts and inheritance from third parties outside of the marriage that are being held separately from marital property. However, there are occasions in which parties may accidentally convert their separate property into marital property by commingling or transmutation and that is where property division in divorce becomes more complex. Marital property is anything is was acquired while the marriage was still intact.

Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma Equitable Distribution

In Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma, there are a lot of different factors that the courts consider when it comes to the division of marital property and debts. This includes: the duration of the marriage, contributions, actions in the care and maintenance of the properties, ages of the individuals, physical and mental conditions of the given parties, debts/liabilities of each spouse, and many other factors that the court may find appropriate. Stange Law Firm, PC will assess your information, and present the given evidence to the court.

To help give you more information, we have written an article on the topic titled: Equitable Distribution versus Community Property.

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