Property Issues for Unmarried Couples

"Who gets what for unmarried couples?" We hear this question frequently. If you have been in a long-term domestic relationship and are considering a separation, Stange Law Firm, PC, can help you. For domestic relationships in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma, all property is still considered personal property. Fighting to protect your interests in shared financial assets requires knowledge of the system and a skillful strategy based on what your local judges expect.

Experienced Attorneys Handling Property Issues For Unmarried Couples

If you are involved in a property dispute with your domestic partner, let us help you resolve the matter efficiently and cost-effectively. Often, a partition action involves the division of real property like a home or farm land. However, there are times when a partition action has involved personal property like savings and investment accounts or shared tax and debt issues.

We can help you with a partition in kind, also known as an "actual partition," which partitions the individual interest of each joint owner. In other words, each party ends up controlling an individual portion of the property. Additionally, we could help you with a partition by sale. This is known as partition by "licitation" or "succession."

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