Can politics ruin a marriage?

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Can politics ruin a marriage?

When you are a democrat and your spouse a republican, can it lead to marriage woes? Discover how politics could break up your happy home.

Most married couples would like to think that nothing could possibly come between them. This is why it is not uncommon to find a couple who has opposing political views. They likely never figured politics could get in the way of their love, but many couples find the divide created by politics, especially in the current political climate, is too deep for them to reconcile. However, does a disagreement over politics really have the power to end a marriage?

The already shaky foundation

The reality of the effects of politics on a marriage can be pretty bad. According to Divorce Helper, though, if a marriage has a strong foundation, disagreements are not something that could break it down easily. Even strong feelings over political stances will not shake a couple who have a solid relationship otherwise. They may disagree, but the ability to compromise and accept the other’s feelings enables this type of couple to move beyond politics and not let it severely damage their marriage. On the other hand, For a couple who already fights over everything and lacks a mutual respect for each other, politics very well could lead to divorce.

Coping with different views

The best thing a couple can do to avoid ending up in a family law court is learn to deal with differing opinions. This is not only helpful when it comes to politics but also with other issues where a couple may not see eye to eye. For some couples, the best thing to do is avoid all conversations about politics or to learn to walk away when things get heated and let them go. Finding something common to agree or disagree on can also be helpful.

The Huffington Post suggests couples listen to each other and be willing to hear out their partner’s ideas. This does not mean they have to agree. It is fine to share ideas without trying to sway the other person. A healthy debate can actually strengthen a marriage and help a couple to get to know each other better while also building mutual respect for each other’s ideas and feelings.

Finally, politics should never be about trying to outdo a partner. There really is no winning when it comes to opinions. Opinions are simply feelings, which can be neither right nor wrong. In addition, trying to win over a partner can induce bad feelings and create an air of disdain in the relationship. It is not as important to get a partner to agree on a political idea than it is to have that partner’s love and respect.

While politics may not be a problem in every marriage, couples do end up arguing over things. Sometimes a marriage simply cannot be saved. If you are considering divorce or in a marriage that is not healthy, consider contacting an attorney, such as the Strange Law Firm.


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