When and How Can I Alter a Divorce Order?

Family law is a unique area of civil law concerned with legal disputes among family and household members. Divorces are the most common cases processed in the family court system. Typically, when a civil or criminal case ends, the judge’s ruling is all but absolute. It is very difficult to change the outcome of any civil or criminal case without completing a very arduous and time-consuming appeal process. Family law is different. The family court system acknowledges that unexpected changes in a person’s life can dramatically influence their ability to adhere to an existing family court order. While it is


Can Expert Witnesses Help in Midwest Divorce Cases?

A divorce is a deeply personal legal case that unfolds in family court, a specialized area of the civil court system. Therefore, all divorce cases are functionally civil disputes that require formal legal resolutions. When you decide to divorce, the process entails a host of legal proceedings, including property division, child custody determination, and more. As your case unfolds, you may encounter complex issues that you, your spouse, and your respective legal teams cannot address on your own. If you are planning to divorce in the near future, it’s vital to know what roles expert witnesses may play in your


Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is likely to be one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging processes you will ever experience. No matter how you and your spouse arrived at the decision to divorce or what motive your spouse had for filing for divorce, it’s vital to be realistic about the situation you now face and determine the best way to approach it. Unfortunately, the emotional side of divorce encourages many people to make crucial mistakes that cost them dearly as their divorce cases unfold. If you are preparing to divorce, review the following common mistakes, so you know what not to do


What Happens During Divorce Mediation?

Divorce is notoriously difficult.  Even if a couple mutually agrees to end their marriage, the legal process is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. This is especially true when a divorcing couple takes their case to court. Divorce litigation can take months or even years before the couple has their divorce order in hand, and the process may not unfold the way either of them originally envisioned. The stress of divorce litigation is the main reason so many couples divorcing in the United States opt for alternative dispute resolution instead of traditional divorce proceedings. This option provides an expedited, less-stressful path to


What Should a Prenuptial Contract Include?

There are countless misconceptions surrounding prenuptial contracts. Many people believe that suggesting a prenuptial contract is a sign of a lack of faith in an upcoming marriage, and some may feel as though signing a prenuptial contract is essentially a precursor to a future divorce. The reality is that prenuptial contracts provide many advantages to marrying couples, including greater financial security and protection from each other’s debts. Prenuptial contracts are precious for individuals who control great wealth and numerous assets, as well as those who have financial commitments from previous marriages. If you are preparing to marry in the Midwest


When Is Divorce a Good Idea?

In many cases of a struggling or failing marriage, it can be difficult to determine whether divorce is the best course of action. This decision can be complicated even further in marriages involving children, especially younger children. After all, most people assume their children will benefit from growing up in one household with married parents. In reality, however, this is not always the case. Although divorce is certainly not for every struggling couple, it is beneficial for many. Nonetheless, whether or not to go through with a divorce is not a decision that should be taken lightly. To help you


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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