Why don’t I have custody rights if I’m on the birth certificate?

A father calls saying that he in on the birth certificate of a child that was born out-of-wedlock. The mother, for whatever reason, will not let him see the child. He indicates that he on the birth certificate and cannot understand why she can keep the child away from him. This is common, while lots is often made about the so-called dads that are not involved, most law firms get more calls from dads who are involved or want to be involved and don’t know how to do so. Many dads that are unmarried think that since they’re on the


Divorcing parents love & dread summer

Although we all love the sunny days of summer, divorcing moms and dads sometimes dread the thought of summer without the structure of school for their children. They have to find childcare or a camp for the kids while they are at work. This is especially true for the former stay-at-home parent who is now working outside the home. Childcare and camps can be expensive. This comes at a time when the couple is having half the resources they once had while married. The financial challenge is finding childcare or camps that are cost-effective while at the same time ones


The Baby’s Daddy Gabriel Aubry is awarded $16,000 a Month in Child Support from Halle Berry

It is official… Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon ruled on May 30th that Oscar-winner, Halle Berry, will pay her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, $16,000 a month in child support for their 6-year-old daughter, Nahla. The child-support payments will continue until Nahla turns 19 years old or graduates from high school, whichever comes first. According to The Associated Press, Berry must also pay Aubry an $115,000 retroactive payment and $300,000 for Aubry’s legal fees. In addition, Berry will pay Nahla’s school tuition; the former couple will split their daughter’s health care. Berry, 47, currently starring in “X-Men: Days of Future


Can parents move out of state with children after a divorce?

A parent may be able to move out of state if he or she gives the proper notice, gets approval, has a good reason and stays somewhat close by. When Illinois couples divorce, they may think their legal interactions are over once the process is finalized. However, couples with children remain legally intertwined for years to come. Once simple actions, like moving, become impeded by red tape. Even though the process of moving is more complex after a divorce, it is not necessarily impossible. A parent may even be able to relocate out of state with his or her children.


Bode Miller’s child custody battle and the effect on pregnant women in the U.S.

Bode Miller, Olympic winner of the bronze medal in the super-G event, has had his share of hardships and mishaps in the last year – the sudden death of his brother, recovering from knee surgery, and a custody battle over his infant son. His tears were heartfelt; his performance admirable; but the custody battle is a little different. The baby’s mother, Sara McKenna, raised the question of whether pregnant women should be legally forced to live near their unborn child’s father. The story: McKenna, a former Marine, gets pregnant in California and decides to move to New York to attend


Law Enforcement Involvement in Child Custody Proceedings

Law enforcement in child custody proceedings can often take place when severe allegations of abuse occur. Obviously, the concerns can take a different turn when a parent is accused of child abuse versus lodging accusations against the other parent. Parents should be very careful in terms of involving law enforcement. In cases where abuse or neglect has taken place, law enforcement involvement is necessary. However, if it is later believed that the allegations brought were false or trumped up, this can be severely damaging to a custody case.When a parent has been accused of child abuse, in many cases, it


Third Party Visitation Rights in Missouri

Below is some Missouri law involving third party custody. This summary includes some relevant statutes and an important Missouri case summaryBecause the facts of every circumstance is different, it is important to consult with an attorney regarding any particular circumstance. However, this summary does help provide some important information on this topic. Statutes RSMo. § 452.375. 1. As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise: (1) “Custody” means joint legal custody, sole legal custody, joint physical custody or sole physical custody or any combination thereof; (2) “Joint legal custody” means that the parents share the decision-making rights,


Parenting Coordinators: A New Trend in Custody Cases

Parenting coordinators are becoming a new trend in high conflict custody cases. The court appoints trained parenting coordinators to help parents make decisions together.[1] The premise around parenting coordinators are establishing and maintaining a cooperative relationship between the divorced parents. The parents of a young child will more than likely have to interact for several years.[2] Long-term parental conflict can have a negative effect on the child.[3] Judges use appointed coordinators to assist parents in developing custody agreements with primary focus in reducing parental conflict and court appearances.[4] The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) Task Force on Parenting


Enforcing child support orders in the state of Missouri

Often, family law courts in St. Louis, and throughout Missouri, order child support for parents who have never been married, or those who are divorced. These monetary payments are typically made from noncustodial parents to custodial parents. They are ordered to ensure that both parents bear the financial responsibility of raising their children.While most people who are ordered to make such payments comply, there are those who fall into arrears. This may be by choice, or due to unavoidable circumstances, such as the loss of a job or a change in earnings. Regardless of the reasons why a parent is


Do kids get to choose where they live?

Can A Child Choose Where They Will Live in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Oklahoma? When a divorce or child custody case starts, many go to their lawyer and express that their children want to live with them versus the other parent. Often, they then think they have a simple case. Is this line of thinking correct? Do kids get to choose where they live in a divorce or custody case? The truth is that courts make decision on custody and parenting time based on what is in the best interests of the child. In making this determination, courts look at


Drugs During Child Custody Matters

Drugs During Your Child Custody Dispute In times of a divorce, custody, or family law matter leading to a case; the parties going through the case will feel exhausted, emotionally and physically. When the stress adds up, it becomes more and more over whelming; causing some to turn to drugs or alcohol thinking it may help. Maybe the parties have previously, casually done drugs in the past. For others, maybe they consider the option because they have never done it before, with hope that it will be an escape for them. The biggest concern that comes from this is when children


How drugs can ruin your custody case

The process of any custody case is often emotionally difficult and draining. Usually custody cases often happen in the midst of a break-up. The break up could be through divorce proceedings. Or, the break-up can office outside of a marriage where the parties just have children together.Stress can be extremely overwhelming during these times. And, unfortunately, some individuals can turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of “escape.” For others, they may have been a drug user in the pasted. They might have used drugs casually with the knowledge of their spouse or significant other. When the relationship was


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