How to Teach Your Children the Value of Organization

Want your children to develop important organizational skills in their formative years? You can aid in the development of this skill set through a slew of home management and cleaning tasks. Give your children increased responsibilities around the house, like small chores that contribute toward your home’s overall composition and structure.Organizational skills are beneficial for a tidy space, but also for the cognitive development of your children. Here are some benefits of orderliness and tips for how you can help your children develop strong, organizational habits: Know the Importance of Organization It’s vital your children learn the practice of cleanliness


Children & Divorce: 3 Bonding Activities That Can Help Ease Tension

Many children experience the stress of a divorce. Divorcestatistics.org reports that 40 percent of U.S. couples that have children file for divorce. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s normal for children to have questions and experience anxiety and panic during this time.When a man finds himself in a divorce, his relationship with his children might suffer if he is living apart from his kids or spending limited time with them. However, a divorce does not mean that fathers can’t spend quality time with their kids. These three activities will help dads establish bonding time while helping children cope with divorce.


Childcare Checklist: What to Share with the Babysitter

As a parent, it can be difficult to leave the house on your own, as it requires you to hand over the reins of childcare responsibility. Whether it’s a daily sitter so you can go to work, a weekly gig, so you can have a date night, or just a special once-in-a-while need, leaving your kid with a babysitter is a tough task. Once you’ve found a good one you trust, make sure she is has all the necessary knowledge and tools to keep your child’s safety and well-being top of mind. Here is a checklist of what you should


Behind the Wheel: 3 Tips on How to Raise Ready, Responsible Teen Drivers

This may be hard to believe, but that itty-bitty baby you once held in your arms is now a teenager who is now chomping at the bit to learn how to drive. If the idea of your son or daughter taking the wheel concerns you, it’s totally understandable — you have undoubtedly seen the statistics indicating how teens are more likely to be involved in car accidents.As the CDC notes, young drivers, ages 15-24, make up only 14 percent of the total U.S. population, yet account for 30 percent of the total costs related to motor vehicle injuries. Sadly, about


6 Strategies for Raising Responsible Kids

Raising responsible kids requires a willing parent, a cooperative child and an unlimited supply of patience and understanding. Through each stage of a child’s development, parents should gently nudge children to make decisions that will foster responsibility. Here are six ways you can help foster your child’s independence and teach him or her how to act responsibly: Start young Don’t expect your teenager to act responsibly if it isn’t something you’ve emphasized since early childhood. The key to fostering responsibility in children is to start young. When a child is able to understand conversations and directions, start molding him or


5 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Successful Play Date

“Mom, can Jack come over to play?” If you are the mom of a little human over the age of 3 or so, you have probably heard this type of question dozens of times. Most kiddos like playing with their friends outside of preschool or elementary school, and so it’s pretty common to have young kids over to your home and vice versa. However, as much as you’d like to give your pint-sized guest and your child some markers and paper, a pile of LEGOs and maybe some Play-Doh and let them go at it, a successful play date often


5 Things Single Parents Can Do to Boost Home Security

As a single parent, you probably feel like you have the weight of the entire world on your shoulders at times. Playing the dual roles of mom and dad, you are the sole breadwinner for your family, as well as the main homework helper, chauffeur, referee and household nurse.You may feel especially vulnerable at night, when you are home alone with your kids. Every neighborhood noise somehow seems scarier and you may feel concerned for your safety and that of your kids. Fortunately, there are a number of tangible steps that you can take to help boost the security of


4 Key Skills to Teach Your Kids at an Early Age

When we think of childhood, we often consider it to be a magical and carefree time, free of responsibility. While it is important for kids to have plenty of time to play and use their imaginations, childhood is also a practice round of sorts for the real world. In order to help kids be as ready as possible for adulthood, it’s important for parents to teach young kiddos a variety of life skills. Here are four skills that will serve kids well as they grow older: Learning to Manage Time You probably know at least one adult who has no


3 Core Values to Help Your Child Thrive

As a parent, you have the privilege to pass on everything you’ve learned about life to your child. You are a role model for your child and they will learn by your example how they can exercise self-sufficiency, empathy, patience, perseverance and creativity. Through guidance and knowledge, your child will have more accessibility and a greater comprehension of their talents and how they can be utilized.Set your children up for success by teaching them the importance of these fundamental aspects of life: Health & Fitness Fitness is a valuable skill that your child should understand. It’s important that kids know


Providing The Guardian Ad Litem Information

In child custody litigation, a guardian ad litem (GAL) is often appointed. The requirements can certainly vary by jurisdiction. However, when there are allegations of abuse and neglect, a guardian ad litem is normally necessary.When a court appoints a guardian ad litem, the exactness in terms of how this can work can vary based on the court. It can also change based on the facts. It can also changed based on the preferences of the guardian ad litem and the judge.But a guardian ad litem is normally appointed to investigate and provide a recommendation to the family court judge on


Making the Move: Child Relocation Considerations in Missouri

While determining child custody in marital dissolution cases is often difficult, the question of whether to allow child relocation can be even more painful and delicate. Typically both parents have rights in child relocation disputes regardless of who has physical custody. Courts also consider if relocation would be in the child’s best interests. This article will discuss the steps a relocating parent should take in Missouri to reduce the issues that may occur with a move. Pains of Relocation It is not uncommon for a custodial parent to have to pick up and move to another city or state for


Massachusetts Bill Proposes to Ban Sex during Divorce to Help Protect Children

If you are in a divorce and are living with children in Massachusetts, having sex at home or dating could soon be banned until all divorce proceedings are finalized, pending the passage of a new bill. You would first need to have a judge sign-off an approval if you want to have sex. Below is how the proposed legislation reads: In divorce, separation, or 209A proceedings involving children and a marital home, the party remaining in the home shall no conduct a dating or sexual relationship within the home until a divorce is final and all financial and custody issues


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