Risks Of Bringing Friends

Nothing in life is without risk and divorce is no exception. During a stressful time it’s understandable that people want the support of friends and family members who they have relied on throughout the course of their life. This often leads to men or women bringing friends or family to their initial consultation with a divorce lawyer. While friends and family often mean well in such situations, there are issues that need to be considered. First of all, it could be argued that by bringing someone into the consultation, attorney-client privilege is being waived. Another potential issue is that the


What’s A Court Docket And How Do They Work?

What Is A Court Docket in Divorce & Family Law Cases? If you are going through a divorce or are involved in another family law matter such as a child custody proceeding or support modification, you will find yourself on a docket. What does this mean? If you’re unsure you’re far from alone. In general, a docket is where there are multiple cases set at the exact same time, and the cases could involve a wide range of issues. Cases could be on a docket in order to obtain a simple status update, set for pre-trial or settlement conference, trial


Special Process Servers | Divorce and Family Law | SLF

An important first step in most divorce or family law matters is one party serves the other party the summons and initial pleadings in the case. The exception is where the non-filing party waives service and accepts the summons without being served. Service occurs when the case is filed with the court. The court then prepares a summons to go with the initial pleadings. If the parties do not request a special process server (also known as a private process server), the summons and pleadings are served by the county sheriff. The county sheriff can often effectuate service. In many


Do Character Witnesses Matter in Family Law Cases?

Expert witnesses play a significant part in most divorce and family law cases, which leads people to discuss the significance in character witnesses. Do they help? This question leads to an important and necessary discussion. It’s very common that often parties come to their divorce or family law attorney with a character witness already in mind. In a divorce case, a character witness may be a party who testifies about the moral fitness or personal qualities of a party to a divorce. But in some jurisdictions, a character witness in a divorce case cannot be a family member. Rather, the


Missouri Tax Issues in Divorce and Family Law Matters

Below is some Missouri and federal law involving divorce and family law tax issues. This summary includes some relevant statutes and applicable case law. These are just some examples of reported cases on this topic. Because the facts of every circumstance is different, it is vital to consult with an attorney regarding any particular circumstance. However, this summary does help provide some important information on this topic. 1. Numerous common tax issues: a. Joint Tax Returns: Divorced spouses may not file joint tax returns. Marital status for filing purposes is determined on the last day of the year. 26 USCA


Navigation Tips for the Road to Independence

Nobody ever said starting a new chapter was going to be easy. Whether you’re making changes in your personal or professional life, these smart tips can help you rewrite your story. Read on for ways to navigate the road to independence. Be a Financial Pro Need help managing your money and your budget? From the makers of Turbotax and Quicken, Intuit’s Mint app can help you with money management, bill pay, budgeting and more. The tool even allows you to effortlessly monitor your credit score from your personal devices or smartphone. This free app is easy to set up, and


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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Strategies For Family Law Illinois

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Strategies For Military Family Law

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