Dealing With Therapy Privilege

Therapy and Mental Health Records Often Important in Custody Proceedings Communications with therapists and other health professionals can be a heavily litigated issue in a custody case. One party might feel that these records are crucial to making their custody case. As a result, they might spend lots of time and money trying to obtain these records. As an aside, a party might simply opt for a custody evaluation because a thorough custody evaluation might provide an easier path to obtaining the same information. A custody evaluator will likely want to see prior therapy, mental health and medical records in


Common Mental Health Conditions Affecting Custody & Asset Division

In resolving child-custody issues, the primary consideration is the best interests and welfare of the child. The mental health of the parents is one of the many factors which courts consider in determining an award of custody. The following are a list of some of the mental health disorders which have been relevant in determining custody. As always, consult your local jurisprudence for applicability. Schizophrenia: It is a psychotic disorder per the DSM-IV characterized by altered mental processes and emotional responses. Typical symptoms are auditory hallucinations, paranoid or abnormal delusions, and seemingly disorganized speech. It often results in social and


For the Love of Sports, Know When to Compromise

Compromises are part of any relationship, but compromises over sports is one of the hardest to make. Here are three ways to successfully find a give-and-take in the most common sports-related scenarios. Riot over the Remote You want to watch the big game but she wants to watch The Bachelor. The fight over the remote has been an ongoing battle since the advent of the television. Ladies, you may feel like he’s not reading your cues; so fellas, listen up! When the game is on, listen to what she’s saying. Is she’s talking about her day at work, her friends,


Tips on Handling Divorce with the Special Needs Child

While divorce can be hard on parents, children also can sense the tumultuous ups and downs associated with divorce. Children are vulnerable and special needs children are even more so. However, by giving special attention to their special needs and uniqueness, they too can cope and thrive. Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., a licensed psychologist and marriage and family therapist, gives some tips to help special needs children thrive. She says: 1. Don’t blame your child for your divorce. It has been said that having a special needs child makes a couple more likely to divorce but recent research debates that idea.


When children need therapy after their parents’ divorce

Children may benefit from therapy after times of stressful changes like those in a divorce. During transitional periods of major family changes, kids may have a multitude of feelings that are very confusing. The support and understanding given by co-parents may be enough for the child to move on. However, some children require a little more help that a professional counselor or therapist can provide. Each child and each situation is unique. Professional help can support children in different ways. “Some children may have difficulty sharing their feelings, because they want to keep the family event a “secret.” Other children


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