The Very Real Risks of “Sharenting”

From the moment the camera was invented and someone captured a toothless grin of an adorable baby on film, parents have loved taking pictures of their children. Of course, the way we share photos of our kiddos has drastically changed over the years. Our parents had to take rolls of film in to be developed and then they might tuck a couple of the cuter pics into their wallet or purse to show co-workers at lunch. Nowadays, thanks to the launch of smartphones and social media, we can figuratively share our wallet of kid photos with literally hundreds of people


In Co-Parenting: Matching Parenting Styles with Children’s Temperaments

Parents influence, teach and socialize their children. Often times, in divorce, differing parental styles can become a major conflict between co-parents. The trick is to work together for the benefit of your children. This can be challenging, but well worth the effort.The identification of parenting styles was the result of the work of Diana Baumrind and other researchers in child development. The researchers matched elements of parenting that resulted in children having the positive qualities of: independence, maturity, self-reliance, self-control, curiosity, friendliness and achievement orientation. The result identified two important ingredients: 1. responsiveness, or warmth and supportiveness; 2. behavioral control.


Joint Custody Preferred by Most Judges

Some clients who come to Stange Law Firm, PC inquire about the possibility of receiving “full custody” of their children. We ask if they are referring to “sole” legal and physical custody, because under Missouri law, there are only two types of custody available-legal and physical. Legal custody has to do with who makes major decisions on behalf of the child. Physical custody deals with the location where the child resides. In both arrangements, either “joint” or “sole” custody can be awarded.Times have changed. Judges in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma no longer automatically award sole custody to the mother,


Studies show joint parenting may be best for children

Studies show that children are often better developed if they have significant interactions with both parents after a divorce. When parents file for divorce in Kansas, it is crucial to put the best interests of the children in the forefront. Although separation and divorce may be extremely difficult for children of any age, studies show there are some ways that parents can make the transition easier on their kids. While many people believed that it is best for a child to reside in the sole custody of one parent in order to maintain a consistent atmosphere, researchers have found that


New Shared Parenting Bill (HB1550) Signed in Missouri

HB1550 Shared Parenting Bill A new shared parenting was signed into law by Governor Nixon in Missouri. This new bill is a move toward making shared parenting the norm in Missouri. The hope of this bill was to make 50/50 custody, or shared parenting, more likely in the State of Missouri. There are many other components to HB1550 Bill. However, one of the main focuses being that parents who are being denied their custody time will be able to get a quick relief by highlighting the already existing Family Access Motion relief available in Missouri statutes – through the requirement


New Illinois Law: Allows Judges to Order a “Right of First Refusal” for Parents Who Share Joint Custody

A new law went into effect in Illinois on January 14, 2014 that allows judges to order a “right of first refusal” for parents who share joint custody of their children. The right of first refusal (ROFR) means that any time if one parent cannot care for the children during his or her scheduled time or custody, that parent must first offer the other parent the right to take care of the children during that time.” If a party intends to leave the minor child or children with a substitute child-care provider for a significant period of time, that party


Shared-parenting laws gaining momentum

Shared equal custody or commonly-called shared-parenting laws are gaining momentum as more state lawmakers examine the pros and cons of children spending equal amounts of time with both divorced parents.Advocates contend that children are better served when equal time is spent with both parents and oppose custody to one parent, except when there is a history of abuse or substance abuse. Opponents say that each case is unique and that a judge needs flexibility to determine what custody arrangement is in the best interest of each individual child in relationship to all circumstances. Ned Holstein, founder of the National Parents


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