Divorce Case Intake and Pre-Litigation Tactics

DIVORCE CASE INTAKE AND PRE-LITIGATION TACTICS Client Interview Questions and Documents to Obtain In any type of legal interaction between a family law attorney and client, the first interview is perhaps the most important. To advise the client properly, it is important to have a checklist of information from the client at the first interview.1 Many important questions will have to be asked. A document like a domestic information sheet will answer many of these questions. This form will help answer many fundamental questions about the two parties in the divorce.2 What of the two parties in the divorce?3 What


Legal Summary: Family Law Ethics

IV. ETHICS Fee Agreements-Review a Sample Agreement Practical Tip: All family law attorneys should have a written fee agreement with their client before undertaking any representation in a divorce matter. The Missouri Bar has published Model Fee Agreements and many state bars have done the same. Using a fee agreement from the state bar is often advisable. The Bar Plan also has fee agreements that lawyers can download that mirrors what the Missouri Bar had previously published: https://www.thebarplan.com/missouri-sample-hourly-fee-agreement/ Fee agreements should include clauses such as: Scope of Services; Hourly Rates; Advances Fee Amount (Initial Deposit); Litigation Expenses; Frequency of Billing


How Attorneys Can Guide Distraught Clients Through Difficult Divorces

Divorce can be an incredibly draining and stressful experience. Whether it’s a mutual decision, contested, or involves minimal shared property, divorce always holds the potential of forcing you to upend and restructure your life, seemingly in a very short amount of time. Some individuals weather the stress of divorce more easily than others. For the emotionally distraught client, the right divorce lawyer can make a world of difference in their experience. Good Attorneys Build Trust With Clients Through Honest Conversations The attorney-client relationship is a complicated one. Despite this, there are limits to what an attorney can offer. Unfortunately, many


Missouri Law Summary on Guardianships

Below is some Missouri law involving guardianships. This summary includes some relevant statutes and applicable case law. These are just some examples of reported cases on this topic. Because the facts of every circumstance is different, it is important to consult with an attorney regarding any particular circumstance. However, this summary does help provide some important information on this topic. A guardian is a person appointed by the Probate Court to have the custody of a minor or of an incapacitated person. A limited guardian is a person whose powers as guardian are limited by the court to certain specified


Vocational and Lifestyle Experts: Getting to Court to See Your Side on Support Issues

I. Employability Assessments in Divorce – What You Need to Know The purpose of evaluation is to assess current and/or future employability and wage earning capacity for the court. It can include the presentation of a vocational plan outlining specific details as to how the person will return to the job market (e.g., training time, cost, appropriate programs, entry/ceiling earnings upon plan completion, and job availability). What are the limitations of this process? This procedure is not a method for the diagnosis or treatment of psychological problems nor does it allow for career counseling over a period of time (i.e.,


Missouri Law Summary on Name Changes for Minor Children

Parents are allowed to change their child’s name. Both parents must give written consent in order for a court to grant the name change. Missouri courts will consider a name change to be proper by applying a best interest of the child test. According to Missouri case law, the court looks at three factors: (1) the child’s age; (2) the potential embarrassment or discomfort the child would experience when his or her surname is different from the custodial parent’s name; (3) and how the name change will affect the child’s relationship with their parents.1 A. Adoption After the adoption proceedings,


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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Strategies For Family Law Illinois

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Strategies For Military Family Law

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