Providing for Your Child’s College Education in Your Divorce Decree

It is important to provide for your child’s college education before you sign that divorce decree. Make sure that your attorney has spelled out the college education that you, your ex, and your child have in mind. The specific language should provide the best financial outcome for your child and both parents. Beth Walker of College Founding Coaches provides the below checklist of things to consider, during your divorce process, regarding your child’s college education: 1. The parent with the least amount of income should have often have custody or be the residential parent (and the corresponding tax deduction for


An introduction to Missouri spousal maintenance

Missouri maintenance law has some traditional and some modern aspects. For most divorcing couples, whether spousal maintenance – a legal obligation of money support payments from one ex-spouse to the other – is awarded can make a big difference in the future economic situation for each of them. Historically called alimony, Missouri statutes now refer to these support payments as maintenance. Negotiated maintenance First, the parties may decide to negotiate an agreement about whether maintenance will be paid as well as its terms such as amount and duration. Missouri allows the spouses to negotiate maintenance as the subject of a


Child Support Concerns for Missouri Reserve & National Guard Soldiers

Due to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many Missouri Reserve and National Guard soldiers have been leaving their homes and families to serve. Included in this group are soldiers who are receiving or who have been ordered to pay child support. Being called to active duty may necessitate a modification to the Missouri child support payments such service members receive or provide. Modification As a result of a deployment, a custodial or noncustodial parent may experience a change in their income which may impact the determination of child support amounts. Those who have been called to active duty


Alimony tax deduction eliminated

The alimony tax deduction has been a staple of divorce law for a long time. The issue first arose to prominent in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Gould v. Gould, 245 U.S. 151 (1917). In Gould, the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately found that alimony was not tax deductible. In 1942, Gould was overruled by the Revenue Tax Act of 1942. Since that time, alimony (also known as spousal maintenance) has been tax deductible in divorce matters. Litigants in divorce matters have come to rely on the fact. However, under a new tax bill that was presented to President Trump,


Child Support Enforcement and Resources in MO

Many parents depend on child support to ensure they have the funds necessary to provide for their children. Unfortunately, some parents attempt to avoid their responsibility to provide for their children financially. There are currently over 313,000 active Missouri child support orders. Noncustodial parents in the state owe more than $2 billion in back child support payments, which is why Missouri is stepping up and working to streamline its enforcement efforts. Missouri Child Support Enforcement Efforts One initiative currently underway is to eliminate the current paper employment filing process and implement a new website online where filings can be completed


Calculating Missouri Child Support

When parents divorce or separate, determining how much child support each parent should contribute can often be a contentious issue. Every family’s situation is unique, and a variety of factors need to be considered to arrive at an appropriate calculation of child support. Some basic guidelines for Missouri child support determinations are discussed below. A Missouri child support attorney can provide further guidance based on each couple’s particular circumstances. Determination of Child Support Obligations in Missouri Missouri has child support guidelines that assist parents in figuring out the amount of child support they will either pay or receive each month.


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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