Do Character Witnesses Matter in Family Law Cases?

Expert witnesses play a significant part in most divorce and family law cases, which leads people to discuss the significance in character witnesses. Do they help? This question leads to an important and necessary discussion. It’s very common that often parties come to their divorce or family law attorney with a character witness already in mind.In a divorce case, a character witness may be a party who testifies about the moral fitness or personal qualities of a party to a divorce. But in some jurisdictions, a character witness in a divorce case cannot be a family member. Rather, the witness


Navigation Tips for the Road to Independence

Nobody ever said starting a new chapter was going to be easy. Whether you’re making changes in your personal or professional life, these smart tips can help you rewrite your story. Read on for ways to navigate the road to independence. Be a Financial Pro Need help managing your money and your budget? From the makers of Turbotax and Quicken, Intuit’s Mint app can help you with money management, bill pay, budgeting and more. The tool even allows you to effortlessly monitor your credit score from your personal devices or smartphone. This free app is easy to set up, and


Prioritizing what is important

Issues in a Divorce and Family Law Matter In divorce, there can be many substantive issues in play for each of the parties. In a divorce for example, parties could potentially have issues like custody, child support and property and debt division to work through. These can be tough, but critical issues that have to be settled because of their importance to the parties. But in order to settle a divorce or family law matter, an agreement on all these substantive issues have to be reached for the case to finish. This can be tough for a lot of parties


Divorce Does Not Need To Be An Emotional Rollercoaster

Thousands upon thousands of words of case law have been written regulating the specifics of divorce, but they may not effect the emotions attached to negotiating the end of your marriage. The process’s psychological and emotional components make a divorce a nightmare. Grief, fear, and anger all mix to make even the easiest of decisions a battle. Before you can have a successful and amiable separation, you need to understand your mind and heart. Stages Of Grief You may have heard this before, but it is worth repeating. You will grieve it no matter how bad your marriage may have


Breaking the News to Mom & Dad and the In-Laws That You are Divorcing

Maybe your parents and in-laws have suspected that all is not right with your marriage. Maybe they have offered advice along the way. Now, no matter what, the decision is official and it’s time to break the unpleasant news that you are divorcing. Hopefully, they will accept the news gracefully and offer support and understanding, but the prospect of divorce facing one of their offspring may trigger unpleasant emotions including finger-pointing about “what went wrong”. Depending on your relationship with your spouse or soon-to-be ex, you may wish to break the news together or separately and to tell both parents


4 Ways to Reduce Stress While You’re Going Through a Lawsuit

As a working parent, you probably already feel like you spend most days trying to keep as many figurative balls in the air as possible. Balancing the needs of your family while keeping your boss and clients happy can be tricky under the best of circumstances. Add the stresses of a pending family law case, and you might feel like your already-full schedule is rapidly reaching its breaking point. The following four tips can help cut down on stress while balancing work, family and a lawsuit: 1. Be sure you have great legal counsel One of the best ways to


3 Essential Do’s for Surviving a Divorce

Who is that strange man in your bed? No, you didn’t get drunk last night and have a one night stand with a stranger. That’s your husband. Your husband who’s now a stranger, and it seems like you’re just roommates. You’re heading toward a divorce and have been for years — and you both know it. Work through the toughest part of splitting up and start a new beginning with the following three tips. Reality Divorce isn’t an idyllic solution for just opening yourself up to singlehood to date new people. Don’t fall for how television shows glorify divorce. In


Healthy Mindsets That Will Keep You Sane During a Divorce

When the wounds are too deep for reconciliation and the only alternative is divorce, it’s vital you care of yourself, both emotionally and financially. If you’re moving forward with a divorce and everything seems off-kilter, follow these healthy mindsets to help get your life in order. A Different Relationship Just because you are divorcing does not mean the relationship is gone. Putting an “ex” in front of your spouse’s title does not mean he or she will disappear from your life forever. As you end your married relationship, a new divorced relationship is born, especially if you have kids together.


Why Can’t An Attorney Tell Me What’s Going To Happen With My Case On The Phone?

It’s an every day occurrence at most law firms.  The phone rings from a potential client with an urgent question.  They may have just found out that there spouse is filing for divorce.  They might have just found out that their spouse is cheating and they want to know is going to happen.  The possibilities are really endless. But no matter the situation, the questions usually end up going in one direction.  The potential family law client wants an answer to what’s going to happen.  They want certainty.  They want clarity.  They probably just want some peace of mind.  And


Don’t let your divorce take over your life

A Divorce is an Emotional Rollercoaster Going through a divorce can be one of the hardest experiences any person can go through. It gets scary when things like the future become uncertain, especially when you thought you had it all figured out. Not only can the future become questionable but the present can become uncertain as well. When you’re feeling so many different emotions at once like pain, distress, anger and worry, it can overwhelm you and make it hard to go about your usual everyday routine. Questions that will probably arise right away are things like, “What will end


The Power of Confidence in Divorce

Having confidence during the divorce process is a powerful ingredient for success. When you are prepared for success, it shows. It shows in your body language. It shows in your ability to adapt quickly and for the good. It shows in the teamwork you have developed with your attorney and other professionals. But most of all, it shows that you are in charge of your destiny and are confident you will succeed.”One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation,” to quote Arthur Ashe. Preparation is hard work, but it is worth it. Closing this


Why many wait until January to file for divorce in Missouri

January has the distinction of being the month when courts receive the highest number of divorce filings across the country and in Missouri. The holidays are over and many couples decide they just cannot spend another year together. Going through a divorce during the holidays also puts a strain on a family and children that most couples seek to avoid. There are several benefits to waiting to file for a St. Louis divorce in the New Year after the rush of the holidays is over, such as buying more time to cool emotions and put together a plan. Emotional impact


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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