Should I Text My Lawyer?

Text messages (also known as SMS, short message service) are a common way of communicating. Instead of picking up the phone or drafting an email, many like the ease and quickness of sending a text. For this reason, many clients text their lawyer in a divorce or family law matter. Text communications can be short and to the point. Clients can also attach photos and videos to texts. Because texting is so easy, many are looking to text their lawyer about their divorce or family law matter. Is texting an effective form of communication for clients going through a divorce


Family Court Information in Kansas City, Missouri

Jackson County, Missouri Family Court Information in Kansas City For residents in Jackson County, Missouri, in the Kansas City Area, they may have lots of questions about the family courts in the area.  This can be particularly true in instances where somebody has been part of a family law case before such as a divorce, child custody, adoption or other family law matter. In these instances, a party might wonder where the courthouse is located?  And they also might wonder what types of cases can ultimately be heard in the family court?  These are all important initial questions for many


Family Court Information in Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri Family Court Information in Boone County For the residents in Columbia, Missouri that are dealing with any family law issues, they may have a numerous amounts of questions about the family courts in the area. In instances such as where somebody has been part of the family law case before such as a divorce, child custody, adoption, or any other family law matter. Because of these instances, a party might need to know where the courthouse is located. This brings up the question, “what types of cases can be heard in the family court?” All these initial thoughts


When Is My Family Law Case Over?

Individuals going through a family law case usually want their case to be completed as soon as possible. The emotional and financial burden of these cases can take a toll. Family law cases (including but not limited to divorce, custody, child support, adoptions, paternity cases and other domestic relations matters) can typically only resolve one of four ways once they begin: (1) The parties enter a settlement that is approved by the judge; (2) The parties try the case before a judge who issues a judgment; (3) The parties reconcile and/or the case is dismissed; or (4) One party defaults


One attorney for both parties? Is that allowed?

Potential clients often call a divorce firms asking if both parties can use just one attorney for their uncontested divorce. The potential client will explain that they and their spouse want the divorce, and those they agree on the terms and that they would prefer to use one attorney to keep the costs down. The concern revolves to a belief that if each party uses their own attorney, the case could spin out of control. In other words, a fight might start, attorney fees could accrue, the attorneys might not get along, and this could go from an easy divorce


Do-It-Yourself Divorce More Costly in the Long Run

You wouldn’t buy over-the-counter medicine for a serious illness. Symptoms that seem simple might be a sign of a more serious problem. You would instead consult your doctor immediately and go in for an appointment to get a thorough diagnosis. And wouldn’t this make a difference on the outcome?The same holds true for handling your divorce. Divorce is a serious process with life-long implications, affecting you, your spouse a, and your children. Attempting a do-it-yourself divorce, while more cost effective in the beginning, can wind up being more expensive in the long run, not to mention the negative impact or


Preparing for divorce in Missouri: Hiring the right attorney

Divorce lawyers may profoundly impact their clients’ cases, which is why it is vital that people take care when choosing their legal representatives. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reports that there were 19,829 divorces across the state in 2014 alone. Known as a dissolution of marriage, many people choose to hire legal representation to guide them through the process of legally terminating their relationships. However, the people who divorcing spouses hire to handle their cases could have a significant impact on their outcomes. Thus, it is not advisable that people just pick a name off of a


Why are cancer doctors revered and divorce lawyers distrusted?

A recent Gallup Poll from December 5-8, 2013 provides some interesting data regarding lawyers and doctors. When the a sample of participants were polled, sixty-nine percent (69%) of participants indicated that they rated doctors highly for honesty and ethical standards. At the same time, when participants were asked about lawyers, only twenty percent (20%) of participants rated lawyers highly on the same scale. Why is that?  Why is it that doctors, who help people through unfortunate times, are revered, yet lawyers are frowned upon when they similarly help people through unfortunate times? Obviously, people can have various different takes on


Why Are Fixed Fees Problematic in Family Law?

The Advisory Committee of the Supreme Court of Missouri in Formal Opinion 128 concludes that nonrefundable fees are considered unethical in Missouri. “In many instances, attorneys receive payment before the attorney has completed the services for which the payment is made. In some instances, attorneys refer to these payments as ‘nonrefundable.’ These ‘nonrefundable’ fees are often the subject of disciplinary complaints and fee disputes.” How should a reputable attorney bill who complies with the Missouri Bar? An attorney will typically ask for an advanced fee and that the client replenish their trust account or make payment as services are rendered.


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