What Is Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights?

One of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process is determining child custody of the divorcing couple’s children. In some situations, a parent may lose their custody rights due to their past behavior. It is also possible for one parent to petition their local family court to have their child’s other parent’s parental rights terminated under certain conditions. Additionally, a court may decree that a parent’s parental rights are terminated in light of criminal behavior, particularly offenses involving child abuse. Involuntary termination of parental rights is one of the most severe penalties a parent can face, and most courts


What Happens When You Fail to Pay Child Support in Oklahoma?

All parents are required to provide support for their minor children. After a divorce, this support will come in the form of a monetary payment to aid in providing for the child’s daily expenses and needs. At times, parents experience financial difficulties or other extenuating circumstances that can lead to late payments or prevent them from paying child support altogether. In response, the state of Oklahoma has numerous strategies in place to enforce child support orders and collect past due child support funds. This brief overview will outline what happens when an Oklahoma parent fails to pay child support. If


Can Oklahoma Take Child Support From Your Unemployment Benefits?

Although most people think of child support in terms of divorce, parenting agreements, and all the other considerations that come with family law, the fact is that every child is entitled to receive financial support from their parents. This presumption applies to all minor children, regardless of whether their parents remain in a married relationship, live together while unmarried, or are separated or divorced. Oklahoma Child Support Overview Child support is just one part of a parent’s responsibility to protect and provide for their children and is fulfilled by custodial parents when they provide food, shelter, education, clothing, and other


How Does Oklahoma Determine When a Child Support Obligation Ends?

Child support obligations can be a complicated matter, especially as the child gets older and appears to need less support. Situations can shift due to extenuating circumstances with the parent or child’s financial situation or depending on the terms of the divorce decree or child custody agreement. However, altering or ending a child support obligation requires additional motions filed within Oklahoma courts and considerable time and effort to ensure the agreement is favorable for all involved. In these cases, consulting with a skilled Oklahoma City child support attorney is necessary to ensure your and your child’s best interests are upheld.


Oklahoma Child Custody and Living Arrangements: When a Child Wants to Choose

When the end of a relationship or divorce is imminent, most parents’ primary concern is who will receive custody of their children. In many cases, parents can develop a parenting plan that determines custody and visitation arrangements before divorce proceedings occur. However, if an agreement is not possible, a judge must issue a custody order in Oklahoma family court. When child custody disputes arise, both parents and sometimes even the child themselves often have strong feelings about how custody arrangements should proceed. In this situation, procuring the services of a skilled Oklahoma City child custody attorney is essential to ensure


How Does Oklahoma Determine Unfit Parents?

In most cases, divorcing parents want to spend as much time as possible with their children, and Oklahoma courts operate under the assumption that allowing a child to maintain contact with both parents is ideal for all involved. However, when there is uncertainty regarding whether remaining with a parent is truly in the child’s best interests, the courts must determine that person’s fitness to continue parenting. If you have been accused of being an unfit parent—or if you fear your former spouse is unable to provide for the best interests of your child—learn as much as possible about the factors


Establishing Custody Rights for Unwed Fathers in Illinois

These days, fewer and fewer couples choose to marry before having children. The most recent United States Census revealed that nearly 40% of all births in the United States occur to unmarried women. In some cases, unmarried couples choose to stay with one another, but in many others—25% of all children in 2020—the child resides with only one parent. In the vast majority of these cases, that parent is the mother. When it comes to unwed parents and single-parent households, Illinois is consistent with the national average, with more than 36% of all births in a recent year occurring to


What If Your Illinois Child Refuses to Visit Their Non-Custodial Parent?

When an Illinois couple divorces, one of the primary concerns of all parties involved is the children’s primary living situation. Many parents choose to share physical custody, requiring children to live part of the time with one parent and part of the time with the other. Still, others choose to assign one parent primary physical custody and allow children to visit the non-custodial parent on weekends and holidays or at other times of their choosing. While children may take some time to become accustomed to this new living arrangement, most eventually adapt well, visiting the non-custodial parent enthusiastically or without


Can Your Illinois Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

During the divorce process, some of the most critical issues revolve around child custody and visitation. Typically, parents work together—usually with the assistance of a skilled Bloomington, IL, child custody lawyer—to establish a parenting plan before the divorce is finalized. In some cases, however, parents cannot agree on where the child will live most of the time or the other parent’s visitation rights. Although there are several considerations weighed by the courts to determine a fair custody agreement in the child’s best interests, one of the most impactful occurs when a child expresses a preference regarding which parent they would


How Illinois Courts Determine Child Custody

During any Illinois family law proceedings, some of the most pressing questions parents have involve the determination of child custody. In the past, determining child custody depended solely on the laws set forth by each state, making child custody cases involving parents in different states—or a parent who has recently moved into or out of a state—especially complicated. Fortunately, in part to minimize interstate custody disputes, Illinois adopted the Uniform Child Custody and Jurisdiction Act, or UCCJEA. Illinois Child Custody Jurisdiction Before an Illinois judge can issue a custody order as part of a divorce or other child custody dispute,


How Do the Courts Determine an Unfit Parent in Illinois?

In Illinois courts, as in family courts throughout the nation, the court’s primary function is to achieve what is in the best interests of the children involved. As a result, Illinois family law courts generally opt to allow both parents to continue participating in their children’s lives. Unfortunately, in situations where remaining in the care of a parent would result in abuse, neglect, or other harm to the children, the children’s best interests may involve declaring a parent unfit. Ramifications of Unfit Parent Accusations While the state of Illinois prefers to allow children to remain with their parents, as mentioned


Essential Elements of a Parenting Plan

When married parents decide to divorce, their roles and responsibilities remain unchanged. However, they must account for their new, separate living situation and come to terms with child custody. If they cannot, the court may decide for them. However, it’s generally best for divorcing parents to make every attempt to mediate their child custody determinations to avoid the time and expense required of litigation. This requires developing a mutually agreeable and legally enforceable parenting plan during divorce proceedings that outlines the parents’ rights and responsibilities going forward. A Midwest family law attorney is the best possible resource for any divorcing


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