How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce Mediation

The divorce process is likely to be one of the most challenging experiences of your life, even if you are sure that your marriage should end. Some divorcing spouses struggle with the emotional aspects of their divorces more than the financial and practical issues the process entails, and the opposite is true for others. For most, both sides of the divorce process are challenging, and it can take years to truly recover from the experience, both personally and financially. One of the best things you and your spouse can do to make the divorce easier for both of you is


Private Investigators in Cases of Family Law

For many people, private investigators are a facet of media imagination. Though they certainly make entertaining characters, they do exist in the real world. Private investigators play a large role in court cases, especially regarding family law issues. Because most people value their families more than anything else, it is not unusual to go to all lengths to protect them. For some people, that means hiring a private investigator to collect information on their spouse or child’s other parent. Because divorces often mean that two people are irreconcilably different, the reality is that many divorces end up in a contentious


How Social Media Can Affect Your Case

Most everyone uses social media in some capacity or another. Whether you use your online platforms for professional reasons or for staying connected with friends, it’s important to understand the potential consequences of logging on. If you are involved in a legal battle, negotiations, or modifications of any kind, the content you post on your social media platforms could work against you in court. Many people unwittingly provide proof against themselves via social media, or at the very least provide the other side of the argument with compelling evidence that you are dishonest. Though this may seem impossible, social media


Domestic Violence 101: Everything You Need to Know

Domestic violence is never called for and never appropriate. Despite this, thousands of people find themselves in situations of domestic violence every year, without any idea of what to do. Because domestic violence can look many different ways, it can be challenging to identify, especially as the victim. What’s more, most victims of domestic violence know and love their abusers, and it can be painful and confusing to admit that their behavior is harmful. In some situations, the violence is overt and obvious, but victims are frightened and unable to take action. In other cases, the behavior is subtle and


Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right for You?

For most couples, marriage is an exciting time in their relationship. Amidst the wedding planning and preparation, few couples want to think about their marriage ending. While no one gets married for the purpose of getting divorced, it is still important to think about what might happen if one of you decides that the marriage is no longer the right fit. For some people, a simple division of assets would be sufficient in the event of a divorce. However, for others, a divorce would strip them of many of their assets, benefits, and even inheritances. If you are headed down


Community Property Vs. Equitable Distribution in a Midwest Divorce

If you are planning to end your marriage in Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, or anywhere else in the Midwestern United States, it’s important to know the legal statutes that will come into play as your divorce case unfolds. Many people hold misconceptions about how property division works in a divorce, and every state upholds unique laws for the property division process. However, property division laws at the state level are divided into two general categories: equitable distribution laws and community property laws. An experienced attorney can help you prepare for property division in divorce by outlining which property division laws will


What to Do When Your Ex Refuses to Pay Alimony or Child Support

When a couple divorces, their divorce order will likely include provisions for alimony, child support, or both. Both parties are beholden to the terms of their divorce order, and failure or refusal to pay alimony or child support as required by law carries severe penalties. If you are owed alimony or child support and your ex refuses to pay what they owe, you have several options for legal recourse. It’s best to work with a reliable family law attorney in this situation. Your legal counsel can help you decide which option is best for securing the alimony and/or child support


How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney in the Midwest

If you have decided to divorce in the Midwest, no matter how you choose to go about the process, you are going to need legal counsel. A Midwest divorce attorney will save you time, money, and stress and ultimately guide you to a more favorable result in your divorce case than you could have secured on your own. It’s vital to understand the value of reliable legal representation as you approach your divorce. Attempting to handle it yourself or choosing the wrong attorney can compound the stress and frustration that the divorce process usually entails. Some people make the mistake


Legal Options for Ending a Marriage in Missouri

Ending your marriage might be one of the most challenging ordeals you ever experience, and every marriage is unique. There is no one solid approach to ending a marriage, and the state laws of Missouri actually provide multiple options that are worth consideration. While divorce or dissolution of marriage is the most commonly sought method of ending a marriage, there are other options as well that apply to specific situations or provide certain advantages over traditional divorce. If you are unsure about how to approach ending your marriage, a Missouri family law attorney is your best resource for specific advice


Can I Have the Court Take Away My Ex’s Custody Rights in Illinois?

It’s not uncommon for divorced parents to have disagreements about raising their children, and many divorced parents feel as though their custody arrangements are imbalanced, impractical, or fail to suit their children’s best interests. If you are concerned about your ex’s custody rights or believe they have done something that should result in termination of their custody rights, call our firm. It’s essential to raise your concerns with an experienced Illinois family law attorney as soon as possible. Termination of Parental Rights is an extreme measure that typically only comes into play when a parent has abused or neglected their


What Is Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights?

One of the most difficult aspects of the divorce process is determining child custody of the divorcing couple’s children. In some situations, a parent may lose their custody rights due to their past behavior. It is also possible for one parent to petition their local family court to have their child’s other parent’s parental rights terminated under certain conditions. Additionally, a court may decree that a parent’s parental rights are terminated in light of criminal behavior, particularly offenses involving child abuse. Involuntary termination of parental rights is one of the most severe penalties a parent can face, and most courts


Six Steps of Mediation in Oklahoma Divorce

Mediation is the most popular and typically most effective form of alternative dispute resolution for Oklahoma divorce cases. This process allows a divorcing couple to negotiate the terms of their divorce privately without the need for an expensive and stressful court battle. If you plan to divorce soon in Oklahoma, it’s vital to consult an experienced divorce lawyer as quickly as possible. Most modern divorce attorneys strongly encourage their clients to take full advantage of divorce mediation whenever possible, and you should expect the same encouragement from your attorney. There are six main steps to mediation, and an experienced attorney


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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