Out of State Orders

Out of State Orders

Interstate Child Support Attorney

No matter what the circumstances are, managing child support enforcement and custody arrangements can be difficult for parents. When one of the individuals live out of state, or the custodial parent is trying to relocate out of state, custody arrangements, parenting time and child support enforcement can be far more complicated.

The enforcement of your child support order is governed by Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma’ version of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). Under UIFSA, a registered order that is given in another state is enforceable in the same manner and is subject to the same procedures as an order issued in Missouri.

Because this process can be so complex, it requires an individual of legal experience to successfully manage.

That’s where Stange Law Firm, PC comes to help. Our number one goal is to always make sure to serve the well being of the child, and in a way that works for the individual/client. There may be certain ways to enforce custody and support orders no matter what state a divorced/biological parent is in.

At Stange Law Firm, PC we have devoted our whole practice since 2007 to family law. Because of that, we are dedicated to child custody and child support cases. Our attorneys not only manage Interstate Child Support, but also an array of other cases, such as: joint custody, visitation, parenting time enforcement. Here at Stange Law Firm, the child comes first.

Support When a Parent or Former Spouse Is Out of State

Because Missouri has now under taken the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, even is a divorced parent that is paying for the child support ends up moving out of that state, the individual still must pay support. The support order will be enforced by other stated involved in the new act.

Parenting Your Child in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma

The UCCJEA allows interstate enforcement of Missouri custody and visitation determinations. If you or your former spouse has moved out of the state, you may seek a modification of the original custody determination to accommodate long distance parenting matters and make sure that both of you get to continue to parent your biological child.

To enforce out-of-state orders for child support in Missouri, Stange Law Firm, PC can help. Contact us today for your confidential consultation with an in person attorney. You can also call any of our convenient locations below including offices in: St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield, Wichita, Tulsa and beyond.


Helpful Information On Child Support Matters

On our webpage, we also have pages on various other topics involving support that might be helpful to you, including the pages below and those on our menu:
Missouri child support calculator
If you are looking for a child support estimate in Missouri, we have a sample Form 14 on our webpage that can help give you a general idea in terms of child support numbers for your case.
Illinois child support calculator
If you are interested in obtaining a child support estimate in Illinois, on our webpage, we have a sample Illinois child support calculator. This might be helpful in terms of giving you a general idea of child support in your case.
Kansas child support chart
If you are interested in obtaining a child support estimate in Kansas, we have a simple chart on our webpage. This might be helpful in giving an approximation.
Oklahoma child support chart
If you are interested in obtaining a child support estimate in Oklahoma, we have a simple chart on our webpage. This might be helpful in giving an approximation.
Informational support videos
We have information child support videos from some live seminars that we have hosted on our webpage that you can view.
Child support emancipation
If you are interested in know how child support emancipation works, we have information on our webpage that you can view.
College education and child support
The cost of college and university education can be an important component of child support in divorce and custody cases. Our lawyers can assist if the cost of education is an issue in your case.
Modification of child support
In some cases, the court has issued a child support order. After the passage of time, it might be important to seek a modification where there have been changed circumstances of a substantial and continuing basis. You can discuss this with our lawyers if you think a modification might be appropriate in your case.
Modification of spousal support (alimony/maintenance)
Spousal maintenance can be ordered at the conclusion of a divorce. In some cases, the parties might need to seek a modification and/or termination of a maintenance order. Our lawyers can assist in many instances.
Daycare and child support
In divorce and custody cases where there are young children, the cost of daycare or childcare can be an important issue. Our lawyers can help you work through these issues.
Dependency exemptions
The dependency exemptions can be important for many divorcing parties or unmarried couples. Our lawyers can represent you in these circumstances.
Division of Child Support Enforcement
Many child support matters end up being addressed through state administrative agencies. Our lawyers can help represent you before state child support agencies.
Wage withholding orders and garnishments
In some cases, child support can be paid either through a wage withholding order or garnishment. Our lawyers can help you navigate the process.
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From our webpage, you can also read articles about family law, view informational videos, seminar videos, listen to our podcast, download our mobile application or view support calculators for MissouriIllinois and Kansas.

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