Holiday Visitation And Child Custody

Child custody agreements are some of the most important parts of the divorce decree. They provide the framework for stability and guidance children need as they grow up, and they ensure that you can spend meaningful time with your children — something that goes beyond day-to-day living needs.

Holidays are an opportunity for each parent to instill traditions, visit extended family members and create lasting memories. Your child custody agreements should outline holiday visitation arrangements to avoid arguments or custody violations later on.

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How Does Holiday Visitation Influence Child Support?

Since child support payments and visitation schedules are two separate agreements in divorce proceedings, child support typically does not change during holiday visitation. Of course, the definition of holiday to each individual may vary.

For example, if the child simply spends a 4-day weekend with a noncustodial parent, support payments likely would not change. If the child spends months with the noncustodial parent, like during a summer break from school, you and your spouse may need to work out a modified support schedule to reflect the more significant change in living arrangements.

Refusing Holiday Visitation For Unpaid Child Support

If one parent has not been making court-ordered child support payments, the custodial parent may feel inclined to withhold visitation rights. This is not legal. One parent cannot violate custody arrangements because of issues with child support.

It is always best to fulfill your obligations in child custody and child support arrangements. If you are unable to, or if your spouse is violating an agreement, make sure you work with an attorney as soon as possible.

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