What Can You Do When Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets During a Divorce?

During a divorce, both spouses are obligated to disclose financial information to effectively determine property division. In some divorces, a spouse will hide assets and property from financial disclosure. This may be done to spite the other spouse, keep specific assets for themselves, or skew the division of property in their favor. If you suspect your spouse of being secretive and concealing assets, you need representation from a multi-state divorce attorney to protect your rights. Hidden assets are more common in divorces where one or both spouses have high-value assets or even a business. When the court determines property division,


Modifying Child Support Orders in the Midwest

After a divorce, a family’s circumstances can change, and the divorce court orders can be modified to reflect those changes. Child support is one modifiable order, and states have different requirements for modification. When you’re in need of a change to your child support agreement, a Midwest family lawyer is an essential asset. Missouri Child Support Modification In Missouri, child support orders can be assigned through court order or through the state’s Family Support Division (FSD). Modifications can be made through the family court or through the FSD, although the FSD can only modify FSD orders, and the court can


How Does Domestic Violence Impact a Midwest Custody Determination?

Child custody proceedings are among the more emotionally taxing aspects of a separation or divorce. It can be made more difficult when parents have a contentious relationship. When there are domestic violence accusations involved in the proceedings, parents may be unsure how this may impact the court’s determination of child custody. Domestic violence harms thousands of families each year, and it causes long-term physical, emotional, and psychological effects on any individuals who suffer from it. There is a significant effect on children who witness or experience domestic violence. If one parent shows sufficient evidence of their co-parent’s domestic violence and


How Does Out-of-State Real Estate Affect Estate Planning?

Estate planning is an essential tool for any individual who has assets and real estate, especially if they wish to protect those assets during their life and pass them on to beneficiaries. Estate planning can encompass several different legal documents, but it can quickly become complex if you have a significant number of assets or a complicated estate. Probate courts only have jurisdiction over property located in that state. If you own real estate in multiple different states, this can further complicate your estate plan. However, planning for these issues is much less complex than failing to make a plan.


Avoiding Mistakes When Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement are both marital agreements made between spouses or soon-to-be spouses. These agreements allow parties to determine individual and shared rights to property and assets, asset and debt division, and make other important financial decisions during their marriage and in case of divorce. Some believe that these agreements make divorce more likely, or that these agreements are only useful to extremely wealthy couples. However, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be useful for many couples and can help create better communication between parties and a sense of financial security. If done well, a marital agreement can


Steps to Prepare for Divorce Discovery

The discovery process in a divorce is an exchange of financial and other important information. In any divorce, spouses must divide property between them. In order to do so, spouses have to exchange information with each other regarding finances, assets, properties, and debts. The discovery process can be informal agreements between spouses, or it may be court-ordered. Court-ordered discovery cannot be ignored. The discovery process not only helps with property division but also helps both parties understand what evidence the other side has before litigious divorces. When Is Discovery Court-Ordered? Discovery is always court-ordered in a contested divorce. A contested


Is Mediation or Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

Many divorcing couples prefer to avoid litigation if possible. Creating a settlement agreement through an alternate dispute resolution (ADR) is often faster, less expensive, and provides parties more control over the outcome of their divorce. Two of the most common types of ADR are collaborative divorce and mediation. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of divorce process can help determine what option is right for you. Understanding Mediation Mediation involves each spouse discussing the terms of a divorce with a neutral third party mediating the negotiations. This person may be a counselor, mediation attorney, or other professional. The


Unique Challenges in an LGBTQ+ Divorce

Almost no divorce is easy. There are legal and emotional challenges for spouses, their families, and their children. However, same-sex couples getting a divorce face unique legal issues throughout the process. 2015 made same-sex marriage legal in the country, but certain aspects of state and federal legislation have not caught up or properly addressed the differences in LGBTQ+ marriages and divorces. Basic Divorce Filing Requirements Same-sex couples who want a divorce must follow the same residency and filing requirements as opposite-sex couples. Residency requirements depend on the state. In Nebraska, one spouse must be a resident of the state for


How Is a High Net Worth Divorce Different From Other Divorces?

A divorce is never an easy process, even for amicable spouses. Even the most straightforward divorce has difficult emotions, so it’s not surprising that more complicated divorces are even more overwhelming. A high net worth divorce has all the complications of any divorce, including spousal support, asset division, and child custody and support. However, all these aspects are heightened by legal and financial challenges unique to a high asset divorce. Division of Property and Assets In a high net worth divorce, assets are higher in value and more complex. This makes the division of property more complicated and potentially more


Who Can Contest a Will?

During the process of probate, someone may contest the validity of a will. These disputes take time to deal with and may be made in good faith or not. Sometimes, a loved one or a potential heir legitimately believes that the will being used is not legally valid. Other times, these disputes are made out of spite. Whatever the motivation behind a will contest, only specific people can contest a will in Midwest states, and they must prove that the will is invalid. There are also specific timeframes in which a will contest can be made. Who Can Contest a


How to Value a Business During a Divorce

The division of property is often a contentious aspect of any divorce, but it can be even more complex when there is a business involved. No matter who has ownership or a stake in the company, it must be appraised and valued during the division of property. The valuation of a business can severely impact the outcome of a separation settlement. Marital and Separate Property in Equitable Distribution States In most states in the Midwest, the division of property during a divorce is done through equitable distribution. This means that assets are split fairly, but not necessarily equally, between spouses.


How to Expedite Your Midwest Divorce

Divorce is sometimes the right choice for a couple, but it can still be overwhelming. Many couples planning to get divorced are wary of the long process it involves. Luckily, there are steps you and your spouse can take to make it faster and less stressful. This can make life easier for you, your partner, and any children you have. It can also save you time and money. Mandated Waiting Period Some states in the Midwest have mandated waiting periods. This means that, if you file for divorce, the soonest you can finalize the process is at the end of


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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