How Can I Protect My Assets in an Oklahoma Divorce?

Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person’s life. No matter how you and your spouse decided to divorce, confronting the actual legal process of ending your marriage is incredibly difficult. It’s common for an individual heading for divorce to assume that they will lose half of their property and assets to their soon-to-be-ex-spouse, and this can be difficult to process depending on the reason behind the couple’s divorce. The reality is that divorce in Oklahoma is not as simple as dividing your assets in half and going on your way. If you want to protect


Is My Prenuptial Contract Enforceable?

Many people living throughout the Midwestern United States hold misconceptions about prenuptial contracts and their intended purpose. In fact, some may even believe that a prenuptial contract is only a contingency plan when someone has little faith that a marriage will last. However, the true purpose of a prenuptial contract is to make each marrying spouse’s rights and responsibilities clear before the marriage begins in earnest. Creating a prenuptial contract can often help a couple improve their communication prior to marrying. It is true that the process of developing a prenuptial contract can be uncomfortable in some ways. However, many


What Is Considered Marital Property in Oklahoma?

The divorce process in Oklahoma can be incredibly challenging, especially when a divorcing couple owns substantial or complex assets. One of the most important aspects of any divorce case in Oklahoma is property division. Oklahoma upholds an equitable distribution law, which, as the name implies, strives to ensure the most equitable, though not necessarily equal, marital property distribution in a divorce. If you are preparing to divorce in Oklahoma, it’s essential to understand the state’s definition of marital property and understand how to differentiate between marital property and separate property in divorce proceedings. What Is Marital Property? Oklahoma defines marital


12 Factors of Property Division in Illinois Divorce

Divorce is a complicated process, and property division tends to generate a great deal of stress and contention in any divorce. Illinois upholds an equitable distribution law concerning property division, meaning the court generally strives to ensure the most equitable possible division of marital assets in any divorce case. It’s vital to note that “equitable” does not necessarily mean “equal,” so no one should expect to part with half of all their assets in divorce as they would in a state that upholds a community property statute. If you plan to divorce in Illinois, you should understand the 12 most


Understanding Equitable Division in Illinois

Divorce is usually a complex and stressful process, even when divorcing spouses agree about most aspects of the process. Many factors can complicate divorce proceedings, from bitterly contested child custody issues to disagreements about alimony or spousal support. One of the most contentious factors in most divorce cases is property division. It’s crucial for anyone preparing for divorce to understand the most important facets of the dissolution process, including the division of marital property. Every state has different laws regarding property division in divorce, and Illinois upholds an equitable distribution law. What Is Equitable Distribution? As the name suggests, the


What Happens When You Fail to Pay Child Support in Oklahoma?

All parents are required to provide support for their minor children. After a divorce, this support will come in the form of a monetary payment to aid in providing for the child’s daily expenses and needs. At times, parents experience financial difficulties or other extenuating circumstances that can lead to late payments or prevent them from paying child support altogether. In response, the state of Oklahoma has numerous strategies in place to enforce child support orders and collect past due child support funds. This brief overview will outline what happens when an Oklahoma parent fails to pay child support. If


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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