Possible Options for Expediting Your Divorce

Divorce is a notoriously stressful and time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are some ways a divorcing couple could potentially expedite their divorce proceedings to end their marital contract as quickly as possible. Ending a marriage quickly is not always the best approach to such a life change, but in some cases, a swift divorce is in both spouses’ best interests. Typically, divorce requires a waiting period. Most states uphold a mandatory waiting period that a divorcing couple must complete before a divorce is granted. The purpose of this waiting period is typically to provide the divorcing couple one last opportunity to


Seven Tips for Choosing a Tulsa, Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer

The end of a marriage can be a tumultuous time in your life as you navigate the many emotions that come with the end of a long relationship. When you add in the various financial and logistical hurdles associated with dividing your household, as well as the potentially complicated legal process that sets the division into motion, it is easy to see why divorce is the second most stressful life event. In fact, only the death of a loved one is considered more stressful, leading many people to explore ways to make divorce more straightforward for all involved. Choosing the


Oklahoma Leads Much of the Nation in Divorce – Learn Why

When you decided to begin your marriage, you likely did so with the intent of ensuring your relationship would last forever. If you’re like most people, however, chances are that your marriage has experienced its share of troubles. For many Oklahoma residents, recurring marital troubles can lead to a legal dissolution of a marriage – more commonly known as divorce. Divorce Is More Common in Oklahoma Than in Most Other States For years, the state of Oklahoma – as well as Oklahoma City itself – has ranked atop other states with one of the highest divorce rates in the land.


FAQs About Divorce in Bloomington, Illinois

In Bloomington, Illinois, you must utilize the court system to legally terminate a marriage. The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. It’s important to know as much as you can about the process before beginning. We have compiled a comprehensive set of Divorce FAQs to help ensure you are comfortable as you begin your divorce: Q: Do I have to give a reason to get divorced in Bloomington, Illinois? A: No. Illinois requires only irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. In addition, any fault or poor behavior of either spouse is not considered for the division


Prenuptial Agreements Line by Line

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